This Sunday, May 13th, 2018, I am turning the BIG 5-0.  I also get to celebrate being a mom, having a wonderful mom, and spending time with other moms.  What a special birthday this is going to be, and below are some thoughts that have gone through my mind lately, and leading up to this wonderful day.


Holy Moly!  I’m Turning 50 


As I sit here writing this post, the above statement is the clean version of what I think about turning 50.  My mind is young and fresh, but I have to admit, that my body sometimes tells me a different story.  So, I figure I have two ways approach the second half of my life, either Boo Hoo about it, or embrace it like a boss!  I choose to be a boss!  LOL

My Kids Are Grown And I’m Ready To Go! 


I love being a mom, but I am ready for my hubby and I to go and have some fun!  It’s time for us to celebrate staying together for almost 25 years, and Lord knows we have earned it.  🙂


I’ve Been A Mom For 22 Years   


This one blows my mind, and I can’t believe how fast time flies by.  One day your a mom of an infant, toddler, teenager, and young adult, and all of the good, bad, and ugly that goes along with it.  Mostly good for me, and I have loved every memory, even the difficult ones at times.


I’ve Been A Daughter For 50 Years 


I get the, “feels”, when I think about this one, not from sadness, but from a special love that I have for my mom.  My sister and I have been truly blessed to have a mom who was and still is beautiful, strong, and selfless when it came to her daughters.  I can only hope to have her wisdom, strength, love, and endurance.  To me, that’s the essence of being a mother.

Reflect, Recharge, And Reach For The Stars

I think it’s natural to reflect on my past accomplishments, failures, and what ifs.  I also think it’s healthy to find ways to recharge, make plans, and continue to reach for the stars.  It’s what keeps me engaged, feeling young, and helping others, which is most important to me.

And Finally It’s Time To Celebrate 

Yes, the time has come to celebrate, and I plan on spending my special day with all the people I love, which is the ultimate gift.  Cheers!

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