My Little Black Mascara Club Review

My Little Mascara Club


Hello Super Savers!  I am so excited to share my review of My Little Black Mascara Club with all of you!


Check out my video below, and don’t forget to click on the links after the video to get yours too!



My Little Mascara Club Review Check out my unboxing video of a super little mascara with a positive message behind it. Be sure to click on the following link below: And get a free gift bag with your first order using promo code HAPPYLASHES (case sensitive). Applicable to any order, even the $9 trial kit!! Thanks to My Little Mascara Club for giving me a super product to try with some much needed love. #ad #happylashes #createhappy Posted by SuperGirlSavings on Saturday, April 25, 2020

Funny Garden Decor!


I have been an online searching machine for all things gardening, and have come across some really funny garden decor ideas!  

I love to add a little humorous flair to my neighborhood through some comical garden statue, flag, or sign.  

So, here are some suggested garden, landscape, or front walkway accent ideas that will make everyone smile when they drive or walk by.


Solar Cat Statue Decor



This little kitty is just so darn cute, and it also serves a purpose as a light with those big ole LED cat’s eyes.


Gnome Solar Powered LED Outdoor Decor Garden Light



Who doesn’t love a cute garden Gnome?  Best part is he’s holding a jar of fire flies.  Love this one!


Fairy Camping Trailer Statue w/Solar Accent Lights



You can have a cute garden accent wherever you roam!  This LED lighted camper trailer makes the perfect accent to your life on the go!



Go Away Door Funny Door Mat



Every year I like to get a new gardening welcome mat, and this one is so cute, and true! 


Wine a Bit Garden Flag



This flag goes out to my sister, who has no shame in her wine drinking game!  She will be than happy to share this flag with her neighbors.  


LED Solar Lights Flamingo Tabletop Lamp


Pink is my color, and this table top Flamingo light provides just the right glow for any back yard party or summer night.  


Colorful Metal Pig Planter

  I’m a color fanatic!  This little piggy planter is not only colorful, but comical.  It’s perfect for a little desktop inspiration, or put in a little nook and cranny in your garden.  


I hope that some of these suggested funny garden decor ideas put a smile on your face.


If your looking for more items to accent your garden & home decor check out my Amazon page below:


Small Space Gardening Decor & More 


Just so you know, that some of the links above are my referral links, which means I may get a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you of course.  
Thank you for your support and I hope that I have inspired you to add a little humor to your gardening design.  :-)

How To Do The Cash Back Dance!


I love music, dance, and cash.  There’s nothing that makes me get my groove on than seeing that cha-ching!


It’s a running joke with my family and friends how I love sharing cash back reward programs such as Ibotta, Rakuten, Fetch, and more!


If you would like to do the cash back dance too here’s how to get on that money train by scanning your receipts!







Ibotta is my #1 favorite cash back app, and I have received over $486, between my purchases and my Ibotta team. 


That’s right!! I have a team of savers who took advantage of my referral link. 🤑🤑


It’s a win, win, when friends spend!  LOL


Here’s my referral link which gives you incentives to join as well by referring all of your friends too.




Fetch Rewards







It’s kind of silly not to take advantage of the Fetch Rewards cash back app. 


All you do is scan your receipt, and you get some points.  If you buy some of their featured brands, you get extra bonus points. 


Plus, if you refer your friends you get points AGAIN!  Here’s mine:  Fetch Rewards 




Receipt Hog









Receipt Hog is just down right fun.  It’s almost like a game for super savers! 


You get coins for just about any receipt you scan, including your household family members. 


You can use your coins for gift card rewards, slot spins, and tickets to monthly money jackpot!     


(No referral bonus with this app, but it’s still worth a try)


Receipt Pal







Receipt Pal is just like Receipt Hog.  Just take a pic of your receipts and fill up your card slots.  


There is a referral bonus with Receipt Pal, so here mine: Receipt Pal, so you can get yours.   




Check Out 51








CheckOut 51 is super easy, and more brand focused. 


So, it’s worth looking at the new offers they put out each Thursday!   


Saving Star








SavingStar is easy breezy too!  Just add the brands you plan on purchasing at the store before you go!  




There are more cash back apps out there, but these are my faves when it comes to shopping in store. 


Cash Back online will be in another post!  🙂  One of my favorites is:  Top Cash Back….love this one!  


Sure it takes a little time to look at what each app offers, but with a little effort you can have a nice chunk of cash for Christmas or vacay.  


Super Saving Tip:  I keep all of these apps grouped together under Cash Back Apps for easy access.  The girl doesn’t have time to keep swiping.  LOL






Each app will give you clear directions on how to use their mobile program. 


So, make sure you watch the video or tutorial directions so your not missing out on all the ways you can earn.   


If you have any other apps that get’s you into your groove, please share in the comments below!  


How I Booked A Cruise Through Expedia


Since, I’m a super saving kind of gal, one of my favorite ways to save on booking a cruise, hotel, or flight is through Expedia.

(I am not an Expedia affiliate, this is my personal review, and all opinions are my own)  🙂

This mega search engine allows me to be my own travel agent, and I have the ability to find everything I need such as flights, hotels, cars and super saving perks for booking through them.

I have friends and family who ask me all the time how I book my cruises, and I thought that I would share some screen shots of how I booked my Carnival cruise through Expedia.

Expedia Search Engine





Expedia has all the search filters you could possibly need to get you where you need to go.

When you click on Bundle and Save, your prices go down by booking your flight, hotel, and car at once.

Play with the filters, and see what you come up with.

You would be surprised at the additional saving you will find….meaning perks!  Gosh, I love that word.  LOL

Now on to my upcoming cruise to the Bahamas!


Cruise Search



I like to start my search by following the suggestions above, destination and date.

I hit that yellow button, and see what adventures awaits me.



Notice, the $414 price, (this doesn’t include tax and port fees) for a 5 night Bermuda cruise from NY.

This itinerary has an exclusive offer of up to $1000 on board credit.  I’ve gotten $50-$75 on board credit for cruise packages totaling $1500 – $2500.

Trust me when your cruising every little bit of credit helps.

Another super saving tip, is the sooner you book the better the savings.

Early saver prices are the way to go, plus you can make little deposits per month or wait to make the final payment in the end.



And finally, it’s worth joining Expedia’s Rewards program.  It’s not much at first, but the more you book through them the better the offers get.

Save those points for each vacation you take.

So, that’s how I’ve booked my last two cruises, and hopefully you will feel confident in booking your own cruise too.

Also, check out my Cruise Ship Life faves on Amazon, and see all the functional accessories, gifts, and more that you can use to enjoy that cruise even more!





Happy New Year Super Savers!


Happy New Year Everyone!  Can you believe that it’s 2020?

Heck, I remember the year 1999, and yes, I partied to that song by Prince.  (Look it up if you don’t know it)

So, what’s your goals this year, I thought that I would share some of mine.  So read on below:

Going On A Cruise


It’s official, I’m going on another Carnival cruise this April to the Bahamas!  It’s my 2nd cruise, and I can’t

wait to experience this once again.

The food, atmosphere, and Carnival employees from the last one was awesome.  In fact, we still keep in

touch with our steward.


Getting Healthier


I know, we all say this every year, but I’m 51 years old, and it’s must for me.

Whether it’s getting new fitness equipment, gym shoes, or healthy life style products, I’m in and always

willing to share my opinions.

My favorite recumbent bike that I own and share with everyone is below.


Sharing Ways To Save


When I started this blog, it was out of necessity that I started to share ways to save with others who were

struggling financially.

I still try my best to share relevant, fun, and yes techie ways to save.

We have come along way with online shopping desktop and mobile cash back apps such as:



Fetch Rewards

Top Cash Back


This is a screenshot of my Ibotta account, and I welcome you to join my team and start getting some cash back too!




I also believe in DIY projects, such as gardening, home improvement, crafting and more and would love for you to join me
on Pinterest, just click here: SuperGirlSavings On Pinterest


Connecting With All Of You


More than anything, I want to connect with all of you.  We all have ways to save, and the more we share the more we get
Please feel free to contact me, or connect with me on any of my social media channels.  Upper right of page!!


(I love pictures, so let me know if you have any on (Instagram).
I hope that your 2020 year is filled with peace, joy, success, and of course savings!
Much Love,




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