10 Gifts For Truck Drivers

I have been married to a truck driver for over 26 years.


Here are 10 gift ideas if you have a trucker to buy for this holiday season.


Create a Gift Basket At The Dollar Tree


Truck Driver Gift Basket


Every week I stop by The Dollar Tree with my guy, and he always finds a little something for cheap to take with him on the road.


This Dashing Dude Basket is a great example of how you could pull together a Trucking All The Way basket.  10-4


If you don’t have a Tree near you, you can buy online, and it would still be a budget friendly gift.


Personalized Trucker Travel Mug



You can add a name or his handle, to this laser engraved 16 oz travel mug.

My guy’s CB handle, is “Livewire”, and trust me this name suits him.  🙂


Tidify Car Front Seat Organizer





Here’s one thing I know about my truck driving man.  His cab is his office, apartment, and entertainment place while he’s on the road.

He has to have a way to safely store is tablet, laptop, phone and other necessities while on the go.

This Tidify car seat is secure, full of pockets, and can easily change over to a back pack and go over your shoulder.

Rexing V1 Wi-Fi Car Dash Cam



Times have changed on the road, and that’s where a Dash Cam can come to the rescue.

It records parking & moving accidents, angry people, and even your scenic driving scene.

This Rexing Wi-Fi cam also has a mobile app.  Super duper gift!


ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion



My hubby is in his early 50’s, and if your a hauler you need to start using a quality seat cushion as soon as you can.

It helps with the bouncing that you WILL put on your lower back while driving those long miles.

Heck, I own this bad boy cushion too.  My physical therapist actually suggested this particular one, and it has been a blessing.


ThisWorx Car Vacuum



My hubby likes to keep his truck clean and neat.  The ThisWorx Car Vacuum comes in a nice portable pouch, with all cleaning accessories inside.  The reviews are

really good on this one, whether your a driver or not.


Cutequeen Laptop/Eating Wheel Desk



This Laptop/Easting Wheel Desk just makes plain sense.  🙂


RESTECK- Massager




Your probably going to steal this super gift back.  I personally own several different roller massagers, and I couldn’t move without them.

Again, I like the portable pouch, and wall and car adapter easily packed inside so you can go.   


Drive Safe Key Chain



If your with a Truck Driver, these are the words that you will always say when they leave.  Drive Safe, because you want to them to come back home.

This is probably my favorite gift idea because he will always see it on his key chain and remember that I love and appreciate him.  Happy Trucking!

Cyber Monday Savings

Black Friday was fun, but now it’s time to move on to the Cyber Monday Savings!


Since Techie gadgets are my thang, I think the best place to start is at Amazon!  Ya’ll knew I was gonna say that huh?


For instance, I own these fancy, dancy, light bulbs below.  They change color, flicker, fade in and out, all with my little remote control.



But now it’s time to move on to these LED strip lights below that will sync with my bluetooth music.

Watch out, this will go great with my Karaoke system.  🙂



Target Cyber Monday


40% off Bed & Bath, valid 12/01/2019-12/03/2019


For instance, This Queen Sized Striped Rugby Comforter $17.99!  This won’t last long my friends, so apply different filters and see what

you come up with.




30% off Fashion Online Only until 12/02/2019


If ya got a big guy in the family, then this is a must sale for you to take a peek!


Men’s Big & Tall Slim Straight Fit Jeans – Goodfellow & Co™




Ebay Cyber Deals!

Some of the best E-Bay Cyber deals are alive and thriving.  Don’t be afraid to get refurbed items…it’s how I afford my Apple products!








Super Black Friday Deals 2019

Just a heads up!  Some of the links below are my affiliate links and I may get a small commission fee if you decide to buy!  Thank you for your support, and now on to the savings!


Let the countdown begin at some of my favorite stores this Black Friday!  Here’s my top picks and remember that

some deals are online and in store only.  Ho! Ho! Ho! Now GO!


The Dollar Tree


Your really not going to find a better price when it comes to holiday decor, party supplies, or treats than The Dollar Tree.  Black Friday

$4.99 shipping to store or your home is available now 11/25 – 11/30!  Click below to get started.




Amazon Black Friday Deals


My favorite is the Apple Macbook Air for $649!  You might as well stay tuned all day, because they mean super

saving business!






Wally World is on the move too!  This Instant Pot is only $49 bucks.  Check out their other electronic deals, especially TV’s.





Ok….I did take advantage of Target’s Black Friday deal on this Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven.  $199 with $75 gift card, my cost was

$134.  Cha-ching, and I’m ready to make my wings!





I could go on and on about the deals on EBAY!  Here’s some 14K white gold genuine diamond earrings for $349.  Check back daily at

this super store and SAVE!


These are the stores that I am going to check in and out of through out the day, and I hope that all of you get that deal and a great

meal.  Happy Shopping Super Savers!  




What I Miss About The Black Friday’s Of The Past

Black Friday's Of The Past


Black Friday is soon approaching, and just like you, I enjoy finding the savings online, but, if I’m being honest, I kind of miss the Black Friday’s of the past and here’s


Thanksgiving Day


Thanksgiving Day was a time for spending with your family and friends, and you didn’t leave your warm, toasty, home to get the deal of a lifetime.

Now, if you ate too much, and want to go as a family to find those savings then have at it, other wise, I try my best to stay home.  LOL



Turkey Day Newspaper


On Turkey day, I would get up in the wee hours of the morning, put my bird in the oven, and head to the gas station to get the massive newspaper, that was full of

colorful ads, and the anticipation of savings.

My mom and I would circle the items that we wanted to buy, plan out a route, and away we would go with that newspaper guiding the way.


Up At The Crack of Dawn


I can remember getting up at 3:00 in the morning, to go stand in line at the store, freezing my butt off, but as soon as those doors opened, it was time to become a team

and get that Black Friday deal!  Whoop! Whoop!


Get That Gift



This was the time you had to dive right in the middle of a swarm of people, and get that gift.

Sure, there were some people who weren’t very nice, but the majority of people were kind, and willing to help others too.


Hiding The Presents


At the end of the shopping day, your mission wasn’t over, you had to bring your gifts into the house and put them in secret spots.

Now, whether my family found these gifts, I will never know, because they always acted surprised on Christmas Day.


The Big Nap


And finally, after all that shopping on Black Friday, I would take a well deserved nap, with a smile on my face, because of all the savings that I got.



Sit And Click


Now, I’m sure that some people reading this think that I’m crazy to miss the Black Friday’s of the past, because today you can buy all those savings online.

In fact, certain websites share weeks in advance, what’s going to be on sale, and you can take advantage of the door-busters savings as you sit and click.

This really is great for those who have to work on the holidays, or can’t physically get around.


Time Well Spent


For as long as I can, I want to spend Black Friday with my mom, and hopefully, my daughter one day.

It doesn’t matter to me how we do it, just as long as we do, because it’s time well spent, which is priceless.

How To Support Kids With Food Allergies This Halloween Season

Believe it or not, some kids can’t eat all those Halloween treats due to severe food allergies.

A great way to support these kids on Hallows eve, is by placing a teal pumpkin outside, which lets these trick or treaters know that you have non food treats.




Here’s our Teal Pumpkin Project display at our Allergy, Asthma and Sinus Center office in Maryville, TN.


Please visit TealPumpkinProject.org for more information, and free printable signs in both English & Spanish.


Also, here’s a list of Non-Food Treats to hand out to the kids.


I hope you all have a safe and Happy Halloween season and please share this with your family and friends.

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