Colorful, lighted, and creative outdoor garden and yard decor is my thang!  I get the, “chuckles” when I have created a little humor or a kid like scene in my outdoor theme, and here’s some fun ideas that I just might try this year.

(Above is a past pastel checker board walkway I created, and it defiantly put a smile on my neighbor’s faces) 

Solar Dog Print Garden Lights



What a cute surprise these little doggy prints would make in any animal lovers garden decor, and the best part is that their solar-powered, and easy on the budget.  $17


Honey Bee String Light Set



As much as I run from the bees in my garden, I can’t deny how fuzzy and cute they are, and this fairy light honey bee is simply sweet.  Get it?  The cool part is that you can get in either solar or battery-powered, which means you can literally put this light set anywhere.  Love that.  $10-15


Better Homes And Garden Outdoor Marble Globe Light Set




This light set is not available at this time, but here’s a super alternative!



If you haven’t noticed, I love bright colors.  Don’t get me wrong, I like soft white lights too, but there’s something magical about reds, pinks, yellow, blues and their hues.  The marble globe string lights set from Wal-Mart above makes my heart flutter with colorful joy.  $15


Rocker Garden Gnome

This garden statue if for all you Gnome lovers out there, and I think your neighborhood peeps will get a kick out of it.  $30


Solar Light Metal Butterfly Figurine



It’s all in the details, and this little metal butterfly will accent your garden, even at night with his its solar light eyes.   Check out what he looks like at night here.  $15 at Amazon.


Color Changing Solar Powered Glass Ball Led Garden Light



This beautiful changing Led solar ball can be put just about anywhere, and it can be set to multi-colored or soft white.  $20 on Amazon.



These out-door accent suggestions are just a reflection of who I am, and I enjoy sharing a little magic and humor with my neighbors and friends.  I hope that they have put a little smile on your face, and inspire you to find your own gardening or home decor theme.  Please share what DIY or garden ideas you might have in the comments below, and here’s to a super gardening, spring, and summer season.

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