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I hope that everyone had a wonderful New Years Eve last night.  My hubby and I stayed in and watched the different countdowns on tv, and I have to say that there was some really awesome & awful performances last night, but we had a blast spending this time together.  It really is cool that we were able to share our 2014 well wishes with friends & family who live in all parts of the world, including Chicago, New Zealand, Arizona, and even the UK!  I love being able to stay in touch, share in some laughs, and keep my friendships strong through online communities such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google +!    


But today is New Years, and I’ve been reflecting on this past year, and feeling a little mushy about all of the wonderful people I have been able to meet through SuperGirlSavings.  I’ll be honest and say, that last spring I was about to have a heart attack, because I had no clue on how to grow my blog.  I knew that I had some really neat articles on gardening, canning, and DIY home decor projects, but “So What” if no one knew they even existed!  LOL   And then….an online angel friend invited me to join in a FB Fanpage Challenge.  I wasn’t quite sure what it was, but I so happy that I took the plunge and signed up!  Not only did I learn about growing, designing, and maximizing my Fan Page reach, it opened up my eyes to the wonderful world of social media!   You see, I am a very social person by nature, in fact, I have been accused of being too social….although I don’t believe that there is such a thing.  🙂   I realized that I could socialize, share my DIY savings ideas, and in return people were actually clicking on these links, and interacting with my blog!  And that’s when all of this hard work became really FUN!  (Click the picture below if you would like to join in the upcoming FREE FB Fan Page Challenge that starts on January 6th, 2014)  



Fan Page Challenge



Now I know that some of you social media guru’s out there are like, “What took you so long to figure that out”?   But the reality is that I started this blog not knowing a darn thing, and I spent the majority of my time designing my website, figuring out how WordPress works, and putting together a blog post that made sense!  (Thank God for YouTube)!  LOL  Oh sure….I cried during these moments too, but at the same time I am really proud of myself for not giving up, reaching out to the social media experts out there who are more than willing to help, and learn all that I could.


So, now my 2014 New Years goals are simply to continue growing my online friendships, share in some super ways to save, and be as real, funny, and uplifting as I can.  I am very grateful for all of you who have taken the time to stop by and say, “Hi”, signed up for my e-mail list, or took advantage of my suggested ways to save.  I have really enjoy getting to know who you are, where your from, and what ways you like to save.   I hope that your 2014 year is filled with lots of love, happiness, and of course savings!  🙂


By the way….the FB Fanpage Challenge is NOT an affiliate link!  It’s just a place where I found & continue to get some much-needed social media know-how and luv!  I really hope that you take the time to join as well.  





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