Updated Post:  Lordy, Lordy, this was from 7 years ago!  Times have changed, but the fun of carving pumpkins, and baking seeds are still just as much fun!


It’s Monday morning and the week of Halloween, I hope that everyone has been enjoying all of the fall

festivals, craft shows, or Halloween costume shopping for your family.  


My daughter and her girlfriend carved some pumpkins yesterday evening and I found some really simple

pumpkin templates at HGTV.com & Readers Digest.com.  


We downloaded the owl & ghost designs below, and I also put a few pictures together from last night



Ghost Pumpkin Carving Template




Carving Pumpkins



Final Results


I think that the pumpkins turned out super spooky & cute, and all of us enjoyed the roasted pumpkin seeds

that I made right after.  


Here’s a really good Roasted Pumpkin Seed recipe, and I like to add a little garlic powder as well.  


My daughter’s friend kept saying that she didn’t like pumpkin seeds, so I had to give her a hard time when I

saw her enjoying the seeds right along with my daughter.  Goofy teenagers……     



Roasted Pumpkin Seeds



As always….I really appreciate your stopping by.

With the pandemic in full swing, I realize that we need to keep our spirits up and get creative with how we celebrate the upcoming holiday season.

I have no doubt that we will get through this together, and I look forward to all the different ideas that people come up with to enjoy this special time safely.  🙂

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