My Doxie Puppies 1st Week Must Haves!

CoCo & Puff Doxie Pups

I have gifted myself with two, adorable, mini-long haired Dachshunds, named CoCo & Puff.
I had intended on only purchasing Coco, but ended up bringing her brother, Puff home too!  Holy Moly, what was I thinking….LOL
The following items have been a life saver to help my 53 year old self take care this dynamic duo.
Some of these links are affiliate links.  So, if you decide to buy, I might get a small commission fee.  Thank you for your support!

New World Pet Products Foldable Metal Exercise Pen & Pet Playpen


This metal frame panel playpen had been simply awesome.  The price, the portability, and angles that you can create with this playpen is amazing!
This medium sized, 30 inch, is just the right size for my living room, with plenty of room for these two rambunctious two to roam, and it gives my hubby and I the chance to do our daily activities.

Here it is in my living room below:


Purina One Puppy Food




My Zenni RX Glasses Have Arrived!

My Zenni RX glasses have arrived, and I am so happy with what I picked out!

Great quality, style, and super price!  $53 for three pairs of glasses sent straight to my house!  Cha-Ching!

If your wanting to know how to order a pair for yourself, click on the link below:

How To Order RX Glasses Online At Zenni Optical


Also, here’s a code to try, and remember to use those search filters to get exactly what you want!  I’m all about the $6.95 starting price!

Get Free Shipping on Orders of $20+ with Code FREESHIP20

Cheap, Cute, Halloween Costumes


I’ve been on the search for some cute, cheap, Halloween costumes this year. 

I have had so many other costly projects lined up this past year, that I’ve put myself on a holiday spending budget.  


So below are some ideas that I think are really fun, and all you need to do is add a little make up and accessories!  


Poncho Costumes


Who remembers wearing a poncho as a kid?  I know I’m sharing my age right now, but thank goodness they’re back.  


Spider Poncho


Scarecrow Poncho 



Costume T-Shirt



As much as I love dressing up for Halloween, sometimes these costumes are really itchy and uncomfortable. 


 So, a costume T-shirt with simple added accessories is a perfect fit for anyone who wants to celebrate the holiday but be comfy.  This Mini Mouse set is available at Walmart!  




Costume Kits




I love when my hubby dresses up for Halloween with me, but he likes to keep his costumes simple.  So costume kits, like the Hippie one above is a great idea.  There are a ton of varieties on Amazon.


Work Wear Cardigans, Dresses, And Tunics


Yes….I do dress up at work, and boy have we come along way with choices.  Check out some cool Halloween work wear ideas that are super duper cheap!



LOVE me a cardigan!  Covers my butt, and looks cute with jeans or leggings.


Or you could get a Halloween Tunic, like this one available at RoseGal.



Halloween Meets Colors


And finally, how about a Halloween dress.  I especially like the vintage style dresses like these below:









These are just a few Halloween costume ideas that are budget friendly.

I would also invite you to check out my SPOOKTACULAR page on Amazon for more decor, party, and costume ideas for everyone.










I’m Not Ready For Fall Y’all


I don’t know if it’s just that I’m getting older, but I’m not ready for fall y’all.  


Unfortunately, I can already tell that the season is on it’s way, so here’s my end of summer to do list below:


Hit The Summer Clearance Racks 


This is the time to buy summer themed decor, clothes, and outdoor furniture. 


So far, I am finding the best online deals on eBay, Wal-mart, and of course Amazon.  


I am personally looking for beachy themed outdoor decor for next year, and solar lights.  


Oh yeah, capris, bathing suits, and whatever else my roaming eye finds.   


Super Saving Tip:  If you’re shopping online, check out my Super Savings Resource List.  


Good Old Fashioned Canning!


All my gardening buddies are bringing their veggie overflow to work.  So, canning is a great way to preserve tomatoes, beans, cucumbers and more.  


If you can’t find your canning supplies in store, then check out my Canning Creations idea list.


Super Saving Tip:  Check the produce clearance bins.  Mangos, peaches, tomatoes, apples and more are in those bins and ready to get canned.  


End Of Year Flowers


My two favorite stores are Home Depot & Lowes.  I always head to the garden clearance section in the back. 


I can usually find some year round plants and flowers that I can plant now and see once again in the spring.  


Great way to save, cause flowers get expensive.  


Labor Day Luau


I am going to Hobby Lobby, The Dollar Tree, and Old Time Pottery and take advantage of their Luau party supplies that’s on clearance.  


Tiki Lights, grass skirts, coconut bras, and Luau themed dish-ware.  How much fun and mayhem we will have.   



Pool Time 


I plan on spending every minute I can in my Intex pool that I bought this year. 


I am also taking advantage of products that had my eye on since the beginning of the season. 


I really want a waterfall system like this one on Amazon.



There’s nothing like laying in the pool and listening to a waterfall, and at night this baby has multicolored lights to set the mood.



Hmmmm, just maybe I will keep my summer vibe going with this Intex Inflatable Pool Spa.  


Ya never know what I’m gonna do!


My Intex Rectangular Pool



My kids are grown and gone, and I am so excited to review this pool for you!

I have been driving my family & friends nuts talking about this pool, but it’s been worth it.

So, check out my video below, and head over to my SuperGirlSavings channel with links to all the

items I purchased to make my back yard oasis come together.

Have a happy summer super savers!



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