Yeppers, it’s that time of year, when kids return to school.  If you have a college student, Amazon should be your first stop for student benefits and savings.  Here are some tips to help you send them Off To College the right way.

Unlock the Power of Amazon Prime Student

Amazon Prime Student is a membership program designed exclusively for college students. Here are some key features and advantages of Amazon Prime Student:
  1. Free 6-Month Trial: Students can sign up for a free six-month trial of Amazon Prime Student to experience the benefits before committing to a paid membership.
  2. Free Two-Day Shipping: Members receive fast and free two-day shipping on eligible items, making it convenient to order textbooks, school supplies, and other essentials.
  3. Prime Video: Access to Prime Video allows students to stream thousands of movies, TV shows, and original content for entertainment during their downtime.
  4. Prime Music: Students can enjoy ad-free music streaming and access to over two million songs and curated playlists.
  5. Prime Reading: Members have access to a rotating selection of e-books, magazines, comics, and more for free on compatible devices.
  6. Unlimited Photo Storage: Amazon Prime Student provides unlimited storage for photos, ensuring that precious college memories are kept safe.
  7. Early Access to Deals: Students get early access to Lightning Deals and exclusive promotions on Amazon.
  8. Prime Wardrobe: This feature allows students to try on clothing, shoes, and accessories before purchasing them.
  9. Twitch Prime: Students can connect their Twitch account to get free in-game loot, monthly channel subscriptions, and more.
To continue enjoying these benefits after the free trial, students can choose to subscribe to Amazon Prime Student at a discounted rate. They need to provide valid student credentials to verify their eligibility for the program.

Also, Amazon student is offering $25 off of your shopping cart order until 9/24/2023. 

Tech Essentials: Must-Have Gadgets

Above are some curated tech essentials to get your student off on the right track.  If you are on a budget check out the links below:
Laptops & Computers Under $300
Headphones Under $50
Bags & Backpacks Under $25
Desk & Study Supplies Under $50
Fashion Under $50

Dorm Room Organization: Top Picks for Stylish and Functional Storage



Dorm rooms can be small, and most likely your sharing with another student.  Above are some space-saving, multi-functional, storage ideas in different sizes and colors.

 Kitchen Essentials for Dorm Room Chefs


Eating from home is a great way to save, and the same goes for your college student.  Here are some really cool kitchen gadgets that are multi-tool & easy to use.  That’s the key, keeping things simple.
These are just a few ideas to get your college student off on the right foot.  For more inspiration, head over to Amazon’s Off To College page, and see some bedroom, bathroom, groceries, and most loved lists.

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