Check Out My Cheap, Seasonal, Pillow Covers!

I love walking into the huge home decor stores like @home, Kirklands, and Decor and More, but sometimes their prices can be a bit much.

For instance, the seasonal themed pillows are super cute, but my heart skips a beat when I see how much just one pillow costs.

I just can’t see paying that amount of money for one pillow, plus most people buy at least two, and where the heck would you store all of them?

Well, I got a little video below on how to get a set of 4 cute, seasonal pillows sent straight to your home at a fraction of the price.

Seriously, how cute are these, and the different styles are endless.  Next up will be summer pool vibes, and 4th of July for me!

Here are some links to the pillows I mentioned in my video, and head over to my YouTube channel for more Brandi Talks episodes!

Spring Pillow Covers

Fall Pillow Covers

Buffalo Cream Plaid Pillows

How I Survived My Puppies First 4 Months!

CoCo & Puff Doxie Pups

I don’t know how my hubby and I have survived the past four months with our two, adorable, mini-long haired Dachshunds, named CoCo & Puff.
We had intended on only purchasing Coco, but ended up bringing her brother, Puff, home too.
The buyer of Puff, had backed out, and I knew when my hubby inquired about what would happen to Puff, that we were going to get him.
Holy Moly, what were we thinking, two 53 year olds taking care of two puppies. LOL
Fortunately, the following items have been a life saver these past few months.
Feel free to check out my You Tube video below to see some of these products and puppies in action.
Some of these links are affiliate links.  So, if you decide to buy, I might get a small commission fee.  Thank you for your support!

New World Pet Products Foldable Metal Exercise Pen & Pet Playpen


This 30 inch, metal frame panel playpen has been simply awesome.  The price, portability, and angles that you can create is amazing!

Here it is in my living room below:


EZwhelp Pee Pads for Dogs



These washable pee pads are really great for smaller cages, especially if you can’t be at home for a few hours.

Metal Dog Crate Mats

You can also get metal cage mats, like the one below, which super water resistant. 

Purina One Puppy Food



The breeder sent us home with this Purina One Puppy food kit, and I have to say, we haven’t had one issue with their tummies.  Which means solid poops!  Yay!!

Extra Soft Pet Sleeping Mat!



This sleeping mat has taken a beaten, but my little pups love it.  I like that it’s washable, lightweight, and has maintained its shape.


XXSmall Dog Harness



I got two of these XXS harnesses for my puppies!  Great colors, price, and it also came with an extra collar & leash.

Trust me, you will need these harnesses when you have to take your puppies to the vet.  LOL


SERCOVE Soft Pet Carrier




My Doxie pups were only 2-3 pounds when I got them, and they both fit in this super soft, durable, breathable pet carrier.

At The Vet

These puppy products have really helped in taking care of these two extremely active puppies, and don’t forget to watch my video below!  Look at how tiny they were!

Thanks for stopping by and please comment below if you have any questions or what’s worked for you.


How K.I.S.S. Gifts Are Perfect For Valentines Day!


Maybe I’m just old, but whenever I think of Valentines Day I get transported back in time to my early years of school.

I couldn’t wait to decorate my Valentine’s Day shoe box, and cut that slit on top, so my friends could put their cards & hopefully candy into it.

It was such a simple time, and that’s why today I think KISS gifts, (keep it simple silly) are perfect for Valentines Day.

Here are some gift ideas below that are not only cheap, but cute.

Valentines Day Cards

You have to start with the Valentines Day cards.  I went two places to get mine.

Check out the retro cards I got on Amazon:

Hallmark Mini Valentines Day Cards

And the The Dollar Tree for only a buck!  (Got to love that)!

Also, here’s a little DIY post from The Dollar Tree, it’s from 2019, but you get the idea.  Just mix and match, and if it’s not in store you can always buy online!


Affordable Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

An Ebay Valentines! 

I am a huge eBay shopper, and right now they have a 15% of select Valentines Day gift with code: VDAY15OFF

There is entirely too much to list, but I think heart shaped themed kitchen, home, fashion or jewelry would do just fine.  I’m loving the Crocs above!

Tech Me Love

135 Piece Household Tool Kit Pink 

If you have a DIYer to love on, the perfect gift to me is tools!  (My hubby doesn’t want me touching his tools, because I don’t put them back.  Ooops!

Heck, here’s an entire page of pink tools if you’re interested!

Also, see those cute red ear bud beats in that Walmart ad?  LOVE

Finally, I just have to mention Amazon Explore, one more time!

If you love jewelry, then check out this

Live Shopping at Swarovski Instant Wonder New York

30% off until 02/05/2022.


I bought this Travel through Tokyo on a Traditional Rickshaw for Valentines Day for my hubby and I.  I am so excited to experience this live with my guy, might even get some sushi!

These are just a few simple heart day gifts to try, and no matter what, I hope you get to experience this day with your family and friends.  Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate all of your love.


Here’s another post if your interested:

Valentines Day Gifts That People Don’t Want!

Yay Or Nay? Check Out Amazon Explore


Have you heard about Amazon Explore?  It’s a place to literally explore the world with live guided adventures virtually.  

For instance you can visit Rome, Paris, or a creepy trip to Philadelphia.  

How about learning in real time, with an interactive, fun, professional on how to make sushi, cookies, or cocktails?

Your either going to love this idea or not, but let’s EXPLORE some events going on now:

How About Visiting The Eiffel Tower LIVE, and yes, you can even SHOP!


Grab some wine with your sweetie, or join with a group of your friends and explore the Eiffel tower life, with a tour guide, and yes you can shop.  There are some super videos on how to shop once you click on the amazon links.

The Ghosts of Philadelphia: Learn about the city’s gruesome past.


This virtual visit is perfect for all of you who love spooky stories and places. 

You can ask your tour guides questions as they take you to the creepy places of Philly.  Not my cup of tea, but hey, it may be yours.

Koalas and Kangaroos. Get to know Australia’s cuddliest critters!



This is one I would sign up for, simply because I love animals.  This virtual tour takes you right into Featherdale Sydney Wildlife park, and they get up close and personal with the fuzzy KK’s.  This tour has a high rating, so it’s worth a try.

Virtually learn to make fresh pasta with the Toscana Mia sisters in Italy



This would be a great couples or BFF class, with a cocktail or two of course.  Why not learn from the best, and where pasta originated, Italy?

Travel through Tokyo on a Traditional Rickshaw


This Travel through Tokyo on a traditional rickshaw is the adventure that I picked out for my hubby and I on this upcoming Valentines Day. 

Plus I got an additional 30% off for a Valentines Day special.  Click here if you’re interested in giving Explore a try with your Valentine.  

I look forward to sharing my virtual Tokyo experience with all of you in a future post, and I have a feeling that my hubby is really going to like his gift.  

It’s a little something different, and a trip that we couldn’t afford.  (That doesn’t mean I won’t do a little shopping though)….LOL  


My Zenni RX Glasses Have Arrived!

My Zenni RX glasses have arrived, and I am so happy with what I picked out!

Great quality, style, and super price!  $53 for three pairs of glasses sent straight to my house!  Cha-Ching!

If your wanting to know how to order a pair for yourself, click on the link below:

How To Order RX Glasses Online At Zenni Optical


Also, here’s a code to try, and remember to use those search filters to get exactly what you want!  I’m all about the $6.95 starting price!

Get Free Shipping on Orders of $20+ with Code FREESHIP20

Cheap, Cute, Halloween Costumes


I’ve been on the search for some cute, cheap, Halloween costumes this year. 

I have had so many other costly projects lined up this past year, that I’ve put myself on a holiday spending budget.  


So below are some ideas that I think are really fun, and all you need to do is add a little make up and accessories!  


Poncho Costumes


Who remembers wearing a poncho as a kid?  I know I’m sharing my age right now, but thank goodness they’re back.  


Spider Poncho


Scarecrow Poncho



Costume T-Shirt



As much as I love dressing up for Halloween, sometimes these costumes are really itchy and uncomfortable. 


 So, a costume T-shirt with simple added accessories is a perfect fit for anyone who wants to celebrate the holiday but be comfy.  This Mini Mouse set is available at Walmart!  




Costume Kits




I love when my hubby dresses up for Halloween with me, but he likes to keep his costumes simple.  So costume kits, like the Hippie one above is a great idea.  There are a ton of varieties on Amazon.


Work Wear Cardigans, Dresses, And Tunics


Yes….I do dress up at work, and boy have we come along way with choices.  Check out some cool Halloween work wear ideas that are super duper cheap!



LOVE me a cardigan!  Covers my butt, and looks cute with jeans or leggings.


Or you could get a Halloween Tunic, like this one available at RoseGal.





And finally, how about a Halloween dress.  I especially like the vintage style dresses like these below:









These are just a few Halloween costume ideas that are budget friendly.

I would also invite you to check out my SPOOKTACULAR page on Amazon for more decor, party, and costume ideas for everyone.










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