I have been the proud owner of a Berkey Water Filter System for the past four years, and I am proud to say that I no longer have to buy bottled or distilled water, which has amounted to some serious savings for my family budget.   Just this past week, I had a conversation with a close friend of mine about how much it was costing her to buy bottled water, and whether it was really a healthier choice than drinking tap water because she had read about the dangers of plastic being in the water.       

Berkey Water Filters

As you can imagine, this was my perfect opportunity to share with her about the health and savings benefits of owning a Berkey Water Filter!   The reason that I chose to buy a Berkey to begin with, is that I am unfortunately  sensitive to certain foods and chemicals, (fluoride being one of them) and I was advised to reduce the amount of fluoride I was ingesting, by drinking bottled water and brushing with fluoride free toothpaste.   That seemed do-able at the time, but it became expensive and the mounds of plastic bottles and water jugs were piling up!  So, I decided to see what other alternative I had to purify my tap water from my home.

After searching the internet, I came across an article of an electric free water filter that removed fluoride, chlorine, and pathogens from any type of water.  (Tap water, river, lake, pool water, you name it will purify it)  I thought that the price was a little expensive at first, but the Black Berkey Purification Element filters are re-cleanable,  plus I wouldn’t have to purchase bottled water anymore.  I decided to buy the Royal Berkey, it would filter enough water daily for my family of four.  

When it arrived at my home, it was easy to set up,  all I had to do was install the black purification filters, and I also purchased two PF-2 fluoride filters.    I poured about a gallon of water into the Berkey, and also added some blue food coloring to the water, to make sure that it was really working.  After a short time, I came back and poured my first cup of water, it was blue-free, and tasted so fresh, and CHEMICAL FREE!   I don’t think people realize how different water tastes when it’s not full of chemicals.  It’s absolutely delicious, and I would love for you to visit the GetBerkey website and read for yourself all of the health benefits of owning your own Berkey Water Filter.  One last thing, if you happen to be a person who is always on the go, check out the Sport Berkey Water Bottle – Portable Purifier Filter, this way you can have some fresh, purified water no matter where you are.  Cha-ching!!  If you would also like to see what a Berkey could do for you, click on this link and take a look at Berkey Water Filters Complete Selection, Best Prices, Free US Shipping!