How To Order A Prom Dress Online


If your kid is going to prom, it’s exciting but really expensive.

When my daughter went, we had a hard time finding a dress in our local stores, simply because they either didn’t fit or were way out of our budget.  So, we decided to order her dress, shoes, and accessories on Amazon, and she looked fabulous.

If you’re shopping for a prom dress, and having sticker shock, here’s how to buy that dress online.


Just so you know, that there are affiliate links in this post.  So, if you click and buy, I might get a commission fee.  Thanks for your support.   


Read Reviews


PLEASE read the online reviews from people that have already purchased the dress that you are interested in!  Hopefully, some of these ladies have taken the time to post a picture of them wearing the dress.   It doesn’t hurt to ask that person questions either.


Measure, Measure, and Measure Again


Get the measuring tape out, and write those body parts down.  It’s even better if you can get someone else to help you do this, because you have to know your exact measurements, and compare them to the sizing chart that goes along with the dress.

If your measurements are not lining up with the sizing chart, (which is the case for most of us ladies out there), then you must customize your dress.  Each dress company goes into detail on how to do this, so pay close attention.  My daughter and I had to do this for her dress, and it turned out perfect, except my mom had to shorten the length a little bit, which leads me to my last tip.




Have a Back Up Seamstress


Just in case your dress needs a little more customization, make sure you know a seamstress or tailor.  You will still same some money by going this route, and it doesn’t hurt to know one for future events.  Weddings, hint, hint.

Give Yourself Plenty Of Time


Buy your dress way in advance if you can, trust me this is a must, and here’s and example why I say this.

I bought the sleeveless bridesmaid dress below for my daughter on Amazon, and unfortunately I ordered the wrong color.  I emailed the company to see if there was time to change it, and I was thrilled when I got an email back saying, “No worries Brandi, we will change the color”.  What a relief that was, and I was glad that I had ordered this dress way ahead of time.



In Closing


If you do decide to buy a dress online, please review your purchase, and post some pics of you wearing it.  All of us ladies come in different shapes and sizes, and since we can’t actually put this dress on ourselves, it’s nice to see it on someone with a similar body type, like these beauties below!


My daughter is on the right….look at that smile and dress.





Home Canning Super Savings!

Home Canning



This article posted first on: 07/12/2012


I am now in my third year of canning and I thought that I would share my first canning post.  Seriously….look at my first batch of pickles below, and my picture-taking skills.  WOW!  LOL  If your interested in learning how to can a super place to start is on the Ball Fresh Preserving site.

I have come a long way since then, and I am getting ready to tackle some strawberries, blueberries, and cherries.  If any of you have any canning recipes you would like to share, please do.  Family recipes are the absolute best.  Happy canning y’all!  🙂


Home canning has become a passion for me!  Not only for the savings,  but I just love that you can preserve the wonderful taste of summer and fall produce, and enjoy it all year-long.  I must say up front, that I am canning newbie, and I have so much to learn.  In fact, it wasn’t until last summer when some close friends of mine started to learn how to can for themselves, that the thought of canning even came to my mind.  At first, I thought that my friends were crazy, because it seemed to me like an awful lot of hard work.  But once they began to show me all of the health and savings benefits,  I started to give canning a second thought.   So, earlier this summer I traveled to my friend’s home and watched how they canned some fresh green beans from their garden.   I sure hope that they love green beans, because I am  pretty sure that in the end, they must have canned at least 100 or more quart jars of green beans.



My Very First Canned Pickles!




By the way, I have learned not to assume that everyone out there even knows what canning is, especially the younger generation,  so I have provided you with the official definition:


Canning is: the act, process, or business of preserving cooked food by sealing in cans or jars.


The above definition of canning is very informative, but for me as well as many others, the concept of canning our own food means much more.  For the past 12 years I have been fighting food allergies, and my worst offender seems to be the chemicals and preservatives that are added to our foods.  I figured out very quickly that if I learned to can my own veggies, meats, and fruits, that I would be preserving them with all natural ingredients like: fruit pectin, lemon juice, and salt.  Also, I can reduce the sugar content by using a substitute,  such as Agave syrup, without losing the sweet taste.
Canning is also a great way to save money on seasonal foods that go on sale, and your savings will increase even more if you grow your own produce.   (I will blog about my gardening experience this past summer at another time) ! LOL


My goal with this blog post is to share in another DIY way to save some money, as well as keeping the ancient art of canning alive!   I welcome you to visit my canning supplies suggestions! (affiliate store)  I have chosen products that were highly recommended to me, and that I have purchased for myself.  There is even a beginners canning kit for those of you who want to start out small.  Come on….if this city girl can do it, so can you.  Trust me.  🙂  




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