Cheap, Cute, Fall Decor Ideas

I love sharing cheap, cute, seasonal decor items, and this fall I plan on saving by buying a little new, used, and swap some fall decor with my family & friends.

That’s right swapping with some friends is a great way to take something you like already, and bedazzle it with a few decorating tricks.

Of course, you can buy pretty cheap at some of the online stores below:

The Dollar Tree

The Dollar Tree is a great place to find some super cute fall decor items.  The only problem is that if you don’t get these items in the store right away, you can count on them being GONE.  Thank goodness for online shopping, and they are really good about having flat rate shipping.  So take advantage of this feature, and also sign up for their newsletter.

Here’s some cute TDT finds below:

 Shop Fall Decor Starting at $1.25 at Dollar Tree!

I believe that The Dollar Tree has every pumpkin imaginable right now, and remember if it’s not in store go online to buy!  Here are a few items that I have already picked up below:





Let’s Give ‘em Pumpkin to Talk About with my It’s Fall Y’all Idea List on Amazon!

And while you’re at it, you might as well take a look at my Spooktacular list too!  (It’s never too soon to shop for Halloween)!



I have to admit that Walmart has quite a bit of fall decor items that are budget friendly and unique!  Check out there Hello Fall page!





And finally, I always take a look on EBay!  You can find just about anything on Ebay, and I mean anything.

I also like to check prices here before I buy on Amazon or Walmart.  Many times it’s just cheaper to buy on Ebay, and the Ebay guarantee is even better.

Well that’s it, my super saving friends.  I hope that you find some cute, cheap, fall decor items this season, and more importantly, let the pumpkin spice everything begin!





Off To College Items I Would Even Buy!

I may be way past my college days, but I find myself taking a glance at the suggested items on Amazon’s Off To College page.
Of course, they have your typical dorm room essentials, but some of the techie gadgets and portable electronics I would even buy.  Check out my little suggestive list below.

Waterproof Laptop Day Pack

This MOMUVO back pack has a wide open top, with plenty of pockets and zippers to keep pens, pencils, laptop, and small purse inside.
It’s also waterproof, with a USB charging port, and an inside pocket to hold your portable power charger.  (not included)

Portable Charger 38800mAh, LCD Display Power Bank

This portable charger from RGVOTA has 4 USB outputs, both USB & C inputs, and for those of us who can’t see anymore, the digital battery life display is simply perfect for my old eyes.

Super Tip:  Don’t forget to get short lightening cables, for the power charger above!

COMFEE’ Mini Fridge

Ya got to have an organized fridge to put your food and drinks in, and this vintage style, 3.3 cu ft COMFEE Mini Fridge does just that.
It comes with drink holders, a three temp adjustable freezer, and clear storage bin on the bottom.

Nostalgia Retro 0.7 Cu. Ft. 700-Watt Microwave

Just keeping it different with this small retro microwave! 

Portable Washing Machine

You wouldn’t have to ask me twice about getting this tiny, portable, washing machine.  It’s perfect for a college student who forgets to wash a few things, which they will.
It’s about 12 inches high and wide, and you fold it up when you’re done.

Sagler Portable Drying Clothes Rack

I own this drying rack, and did a video review here:  Sagler Portable Drying Clothes Rack

Portable Shower Caddy With Phone Holder

These kids today take their phones into the shower, and this waterproof shower caddy has a slot for the phone, and it’s touchable.  (I might get this for the next time I take a cruise).     

LapGear Home Office Lap Desk

Do kids even sit at their desks anymore?  If not here’s a lap desk with phone holder, mouse pad, and air flow cushion so it stays cool.

DTK 3 Tier Utility Rolling Cart with Cover Board

For added small space storage, 3 tier rolling storage rack is worth looking at.  It’s got a cover board on top, cup holders, side clips, and can hold up to 200 pounds.

CARTMAN 39 Piece Tool Set

And finally, don’t forget the tool set.  This CARTMAN 39 piece set has all the basic tools needed to assemble the items above.


Now is the time to get Amazon Prime Student!  Click on the link below, and get 6 month trial for FREE!

 Amazon Prime Student 6-Month Trial


Click on the link below to see more of my Amazon Super College Gift List!

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