When you have four teen nieces, and a daughter whose ages range from 15 to 19 it can be a challenge to figure out what they want for the holidays without breaking the bank.  Besides giving them gifts cards, which is the safe, perfect way to go, I also love to give them little gifts that aren’t to expensive, but something that they might actually want.  So here are some super gift ideas that most girls want, and heck I wouldn’t mind getting them myself either.  LOL




Umbra Boho Dress Scarf Organizer

Umbra Boho Dress Scarf Organizer

Not only is this scarf dress organizer cute, but it will help you keep your teens room organized.  At least you hope it will anyways……( 


Jackery® Mini Premium iPhone Charger 3200mAh Power Pack


Jackery® Mini Premium iPhone Charger

4 Inch USB Cable


AmazonBasics USB Cable 4 Inches

Here’s a sweet, cheap, and top rated portable phone battery charger for the teen who sucks the power out of their phone, and loves to tell you that they couldn’t call because their phone was dead.  Not any more!!  🙂  (

Elegant Design Wallet Leather Wallet Purse Case Cover For iPhone 6 

iPhone 6 Wallet Purse Case

Let’s face it, none of us can live without our phones anymore, and this little iPhone purse wallet is perfect when we are on the go.  It comes in a ton of varieties and for only $14, it’s a super steal.  (

Fire HD 6

Amazon's Fire HD 6

I own this tablet, as well as some other name brands.  Here’s what I like about this particular one.  The size is perfect for a purse, it’s fast, graphics are excellent, and most of all the price is just right.  I have learned with my kids, that it’s best to give a top-rated techie gift that won’t break the bank, but I still want it to deliver the goods.   (

I have no doubt that most girlie girls would love to get any of the above gifts, and if you agree click on the links above to see what else you may like.  Just to let you know, that some of the links above are my affiliate links, and that I may get a small commission if you decide to buy.  I truly appreciate your support, and I hope that you have a wonderful holiday season.  

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