How K.I.S.S. Gifts Are Perfect For Valentines Day!


Maybe I’m just old, but whenever I think of Valentines Day I get transported back in time to my early years of school.

I couldn’t wait to decorate my Valentine’s Day shoe box, and cut that slit on top, so my friends could put their cards & hopefully candy into it.

It was such a simple time, and that’s why today I think KISS gifts, (keep it simple silly) are perfect for Valentines Day.

Here are some gift ideas below that are not only cheap, but cute.

Valentines Day Cards

You have to start with the Valentines Day cards.  I went two places to get mine.

Check out the retro cards I got on Amazon:

Hallmark Mini Valentines Day Cards

And the The Dollar Tree for only a buck!  (Got to love that)!

Also, here’s a little DIY post from The Dollar Tree, it’s from 2019, but you get the idea.  Just mix and match, and if it’s not in store you can always buy online!


Affordable Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

An Ebay Valentines! 

I am a huge eBay shopper, and right now they have a 15% of select Valentines Day gift with code: VDAY15OFF

There is entirely too much to list, but I think heart shaped themed kitchen, home, fashion or jewelry would do just fine.  I’m loving the Crocs above!

Tech Me Love

135 Piece Household Tool Kit Pink 

If you have a DIYer to love on, the perfect gift to me is tools!  (My hubby doesn’t want me touching his tools, because I don’t put them back.  Ooops!

Heck, here’s an entire page of pink tools if you’re interested!

Also, see those cute red ear bud beats in that Walmart ad?  LOVE

Finally, I just have to mention Amazon Explore, one more time!

If you love jewelry, then check out this

Live Shopping at Swarovski Instant Wonder New York

30% off until 02/05/2022.


I bought this Travel through Tokyo on a Traditional Rickshaw for Valentines Day for my hubby and I.  I am so excited to experience this live with my guy, might even get some sushi!

These are just a few simple heart day gifts to try, and no matter what, I hope you get to experience this day with your family and friends.  Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate all of your love.


Here’s another post if your interested:

Valentines Day Gifts That People Don’t Want!

Top Ten Valentines Day Gifts For Under $10



Valentines Day is almost here, and if your in the mood to share a little love with that special someone but short on cash, here’s 10 gifts under $10.



Sips by Tea Discovery







For all tea lovers, here’s a cute curated tea discover subscription box for $7.50 for first time customers.
You can cancel at any time.



Hallmark Valentines Day Pop Up Card








There’s something special about getting a card that was picked out just for me.
I love these various Hallmark pop card’s for Valentines Day.   



Heart Shape Window Pendant Crystal Suncatcher







If you have a outdoorsy, artsy fartsy kind of love, this is so sweet!
Crystals and light go hand in hand.



Couples Keychain Valentines Gift






There are other styles to choose from, but I kind of like the puzzle piece. 



Valentine’s Day Dachshund Decorative Pillow







I just recently lost my Doxie after 16 years, and this pillow is just precious.
The vintage feel and message is perfect for anyone. 





Heart Face Masks





I work in the healthcare industry, and masks are just a way of life right now.  Might as well be cute while I’m at it.




The Dollar Tree




The Dollar Tree is not only affordable, but a crafters dream.
You can make a Valentines Day basket easily for under $10.
If you don’t see what you want in store or need a larger quantity, buy online.


Heart Be Mine Teddy Bear Pendant Necklace





This little Teddy bear necklace is so cute, and just above $10 but worth sharing.
It’s perfect for anyone who loves bears & bling, like me!  🙂


2 Packs Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace



Perfect gift for those who love essential oils. You just add 3 to 4 drops of your favorite scent and away you go!




Dream Loom Wooden Music Box





This little hand cranked wooden music box, let’s your loved one know, that they are the sunshine in your life.
They have other versions, and songs, but the loving message is still the same.


Well that’s my Top Ten V-Day gifts under $10 bucks.
I hope that some of these gift ideas might give you some inspiration, but more importantly I hope that you get to spend the day with the one you love.

Hugs & Kisses xoxoxoxo