Funny Valentines Day Gifts!

One of my favorite places to hang out on the internet is Pinterest, and I just recently created a new board called Be My Valentine Gifts & DIY Ideas.   It just amazes me how many creative V-Day ideas there is to decorate your home, cards you can make, or DIY gifts to give.  For myself personally, some of the best “love” day gifts that I have received or given over the years are the funny ones.  I appreciate getting personalized gifts that really represent my hubby or my goofy personalities.  Here are some really cute Valentines Day gift ideas that I think are creative, fun, and perfect to give your loved one this holiday season.  🙂       


DIY Rootbeer Float Basket


You Float My Boat Valentines Gift Basket

Since my hubby and I are A&W Rootbeer Floats fans, this is a real fun couples gift basket.  I love the “You Float My Boat” sentiment and you can find the kit instructions and printable at      

A Six Pack of  Love

A Six Pack Of Love

Whether you’re a beer drinker or not,  I love the effort and time that was put into making this Brewed & Puffy Painted With Love idea from   You could use a six-pack of beer, wine, cream soda or root beer! Regardless of which way you go, it’s a gift that two can enjoy.

Young’s His Money/Her Money Ceramic Piggy Bank

His Money Her Money Ceramic Piggy Bank
Now, wait a couple of years before you give this cute, pink, piggy bank gift for Valentines Day!  🙂  It’s perfect for a couple who loves to save for a date night or for a little something special, (maybe a little bling, bling for the lady)  Just make sure that you put a little money in it before you give it.  LOL

Personalized Teddy Bear


Who wouldn’t want love to get a cute Teddy Bear with your face on its shirt?  Your picture could show you blowing a kiss, giving a wink, or crossing your eyes because you’re so love struck!  Now, I could get really creative with this gift idea! (

Crazy Truckers Wife T-Shirt


I am a truckers’ wife, and I love giving & getting fun t-shirts as gifts!  This Crazy Trucker’s Wife t-shirt is just one of the fun, creative, and personalized t-shirts available at  These t-shirts are the perfect gift for your sweetie this Valentines Day!   

Make Memorable. Create a photo gift.

Just so ya know, that some of the links above are my referral links, which means I may get a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you of course. Thank you for your support, and I hope you enjoyed these funny Valentines Day gift ideas!   :-)


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