Yes, I Put Super Glue In My Eye!

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Yes, you read the title above correctly!  You would think that no one would ever do such a thing.  Right? Wrong!!  Yours truly thought that she was putting allergy drops in her eye yesterday, and low and behold it was super glue!  Now, I could go into great detail how utterly painful the burning, stinging, and no seeing was, but I won’t.  Bottom line is, I am apparently not the only one who has ever done this according to my eye Doc, and I really appreciate him not making me feel silly when he was picking hard glue pieces out of my eyeball yesterday.  

So, my sister always has a way of making me laugh and cheering me up.  We were joking back & forth and we felt like we could turn this awful situation into a positive & do a little DIY project by be-dazzling an eyepatch.  I told her that she was in charge of the glue application.  (LOL)  Of course my curiosity got the best of me this morning, and here are a few really cool eye patches for sale online for crazy glue loving fools like me, or for those of you who are looking to add to your Halloween costume.   (I have to make myself feel better somehow…..)  🙂  

Heart shaped swarovski cystal rhinstone eye by zombiesbydesign


Zombies By Design



Mad Eye Moody Patch

New New Funky Punk Black Rivet Studs Single Eye Patch Mask Pirate Halloween Cosplay  BeautyFunky Punk Black Eyepatch

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