Check Out My Cheap, Seasonal, Pillow Covers!

I love walking into the huge home decor stores like @home, Kirklands, and Decor and More, but sometimes their prices can be a bit much.

For instance, the seasonal themed pillows are super cute, but my heart skips a beat when I see how much just one pillow costs.

I just can’t see paying that amount of money for one pillow, plus most people buy at least two, and where the heck would you store all of them?

Well, I got a little video below on how to get a set of 4 cute, seasonal pillows sent straight to your home at a fraction of the price.

Seriously, how cute are these, and the different styles are endless.  Next up will be summer pool vibes, and 4th of July for me!

Here are some links to the pillows I mentioned in my video, and head over to my YouTube channel for more Brandi Talks episodes!

Spring Pillow Covers

Fall Pillow Covers

Buffalo Cream Plaid Pillows