Rain Barrel Garden Savings

With all the radical weather that we have been having this year in East Tennessee, I have been daydreaming about the upcoming gardening season.  I can’t wait for the sun to warm up the air, get my hands in some dirt, and see the signs of spring come alive.  🙂  I have been searching high and low for some different gardening design ideas to expand my urban backyard garden space.  Last year, my hubby and I built a few raised garden beds , and this year it’s time to take the garden to a different level!   


Finished Raised Bed Gardens


As you can see in the picture below, I utilized the concrete space behind my house by building two pallet gardens, and they worked really well for the herbs that I love to grow each year.  


Pallet June


But this year I am going to make a couple of barrel gardens, like the one shown below that I found at homefixated.com where they also have a tutorial called:  


How to Make a Space-Saving Barrel Garden Using Junk

 (Just in case you wanted to join me and make one yourself)  🙂

How to Make a Barrel Garden That Saves Space From Junk


What I like about this type of gardening is the amount of plants that you can grow on the top and sides, it’s easy to water, and clearly a super space saver.  I know in my area that you can get a food grade blue barrel on Craig’s list for around $20-30 dollars or you can try finding some on e-bay.

My other project is growing some sweet taters in a 20 gallon bucket.  Now, I don’t know if I will be successful, but darn it I’m gonna give it a try.  I found this gardening goody project at fivegallonideas.com, and it has a sweet, detailed, tutorial post & video called: Growing Sweet Potatoes.  Straight to the point, and I like that!   


Sweet Potato Barrel 


This is just the beginning of my garden planning ideas, and I can’t wait to see the food savings that my family and I will enjoy this year.  I also want to share another super saving tip:  QUALITY seeds aren’t cheap, and now is the time to take advantage of the current online deals at Burpee.com.  Burpee is well-known for their quality seeds, gardening supplies, and fertilizers, so click on the links at the bottom of this post and SAVE!  


If you are new to gardening and are totally clueless as to what to do, then Burpee is the perfect place to learn.  Check out their Gardening How To Videos  such as the seed starting one below:


How to Start Vegetable Seeds Part 1



I hope you take the plunge and become a gardening green thumb right along with me, and I look forward to seeing all of your backyard garden designs and gardening goodies!      :-)


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