Free Painting Flowers In Acrylics Online Class

I am a huge lover of art, and could literally spend hours in the stores or online admiring paintings, sculptures, photography, or side-walk chalk drawings.  (check out my For The Love Of Art board on Pinterest)   It’s amazing to me how an artist can take a special moment in time and draw, paint, or sculpt it into something that the rest of us can enjoy for many years to come.    

I have personally used a painting or photograph as inspiration to design & color different rooms in my home.  I also like to paint unique, colorful, patterns on furniture and my walls,  but would like to learn how to paint flowers, leaves, and other nature elements.      

So, my opportunity is here, and I signed up to take this FREE  “Painting Flowers in Acrylic Class” at!   I currently have a piece of furniture that I would love to paint like the Johnathan Charles design above, and save myself about $2,300!  🙂   Now, it’s probably not going to turn out as well as this, but ya never know….so please wish me luck, cause I’m gonna need it!  

Below are the details for this class, and while your there, check out the other free classes that is offering.   Please let me know if you decide to join, and share your new creations!  🙂      


Painting Flowers in Acrylic class!



Painting Flowers in Acrylic




For Free You Get:



• 5 HD video lessons with anytime, anywhere access

• Downloadable class materials, including reference images and supplies

• Hours of up-close instruction

• Answers from other students in our virtual classroom


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