Crafting Gifts Super Sale!



If you still haven’t found the perfect present for the crafter in your life, then stuff their stockings with fabric and yarn from Craftsy!  From Friday, December 13 – Monday, December 16, designer yarn is on sale up to 80% off and designer fabric is up to 65% off. Order by 12/16 to guarantee delivery by 12/24…sorry, this is only for US residents.  Hurry over to Craftsy! This sale expires on 12/16 at midnight MT.

Craftsy 80% Off Yarn Flash Sale through 12/16
Craftsy 65% Off Fabric Flash Sale through 12/16

So….here is a suggested way to take advantage of this awesome crafting sale!

Let’s say, that the crafter in your life has mentioned that they would like to learn how to knit a scarf, or someone you know is constantly touching & feeling those beautiful scarves in the stores….(those teens for instance).  🙂  

You could buy a gift card for the following beginners knitting class, which is on SALE!    



Knit Lab

Projects, Patterns & Techniques


Learn to Knit with Knit Lab  Basic Skills Patterns Techniques

And, to go along with this gifted class, you could take advantage of the yarn sale and purchase a cool knitting kit like this one:


Twister Cowl Kit





Twister Cowl Kit




 I have taken quite a few classes, and I can tell you awesome these classes are, and that your crafting giftee won’t be disappointed!  🙂

I know that I say this again & again, but if  you want to find out what Craftsy is all about, then take the plunge and sign up for a FREE acount, take a FREE class, and learn something new today!  Happy Craft-A-Days!   


What In The World Is Craftsy?

What in the world is Craftsy you say?  Well, let me fill you in….Craftsy is a WORLD-wide craft community with over 2 million members and offers online classes to just about everyone, in categories ranging from quilting, sewing, knitting, painting, photography, cooking, and more.  It also has a marketplace where independent designers can sell their patterns; a supplies shop with great deals on yarn, fabric, and class kits; and a projects section where members share pictures of their latest craft successes.



Here’s a little info from Craftsy about what goes on behind the scenes of making an online Craftsy class & what you will experience when you decide to take one.  

Behind the Scenes: The Making of a Craftsy Class

Before filming even begins, hours and hours are spent determining what content will be covered in each class, and how to best teach specific techniques to the camera. Instructors work with an instructional designer to create an in-depth outline of each lesson, and decide how to best prepare props or “step-outs” that show what your project should like at different steps. Instead of a scripted class, instructors follow their outlines on camera to create an authentic and engaging teaching experience.

Most Craftsy classes are filmed in one of five Craftsy studios in Denver, CO, assuring that every part of the production process goes off without a hitch. They fly in instructors from all over the world to spend several days filming, then spend several weeks turning hours of footage into a two to three hour class experience that has been watched, rewatched, and reviewed by industry experts. The final result is an HD-quality video that takes you in-depth into specific topics in any given craft category- from cooking and fine art to sewing and knitting.




What IS the Craftsy experience?

Craftsy classes are designed to have all the benefits of an in-person class, with none of the drawbacks. Available online and on-demand, you always have world-class instructors at the tip of your fingers. You can retake the class as many times as you want, and the 30-second repeat feature allows you to watch the same section over and over again until you get every technique just right.  And, if your like me, I do have to hit the rewind button a few times to get it right.  🙂

Watching a Craftsy class is like having a first-row seat with some of the best instructors in the world. Even better, classes have a 100% money-back guarantee.  Which I have never had to use, because the classes are that good.

Also, Craftsy offers 23 FreeCraftsy Classes ranging from drawing and painting to sewing and quilting, from knitting to cake decorating and more.  I have personally taken a few of these classes myself, and even though they are FREE they are just as informative, detailed, and fun as the paid ones.   So, now that you know a little more about what Craftsy is all about, I hope that you sign up, learn something new, and show off your new skills in the online community.   By they way….since the holidays are almost here, there is still plenty of time to knit a super cute scarf, decorate a custom Christmas cake, or take some fabulous family portraits to send as cards this year.  🙂    All things you can learn at Craftsy….  🙂  




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