Jifiti – A Easy Way To Do A Christmas Gift Wish List

I have found the perfect solution to buy for six teens in my family, this upcoming Christmas season.  Seriously, it was so much easier to buy for these kids when they were younger,  I would give them the Toys R Us Christmas Book, and tell them to circle what they liked.  They loved doing this, and I loved that I knew exactly what they wanted.  🙂

Today, I have to rack my brains out trying to figure out what these guys want, and I really don’t like to spend the time or money giving them something that they will roll their eyes over, sigh, and quietly put back in the box.   So, when I saw the opportunity to try an app that you can download from iTunes or Google play called Jifiti , I knew that I had discovered an easy way to do a modern Christmas gift wish list, that would be fun for the teens in my family.  

Instead of them writing down what they want, I am going to have the kids download the Jifiti app to their phones, create & name a gift wish list, send them to the stores, tell them to scan in what they like, and add it to their list.  They can then put my phone number in, (or the grandparents, aunties, or uncles) and it will text, or email us the items they have chosen!  Also, my family has the opportunity to chip in and buy these gifts as a group.  This feature is so awesome, because you can buy a pricier gift together, which is easier on the pocket-book and a great way to save on those techie gifts that teens love) !  When it’s time for them to redeem their gift online or in the stores, they just enter the code, and out they go!  And, if they change their minds, which they probably will, it’s ok, because they can choose something else.  It’s the ultimate gift card!!   

So, if you have teens, long distant relatives, or a really picky friend whose hard to buy for, I encourage you to give Jifiti a try.   You can also use this app to create wedding, bridal, new home, or baby shower gift wish lists, and not have to use those gawdy scanners that they give you at the stores.  🙂  

I love to pass on the savings, and if you decide to give Jifiti a try this holiday season, click on the SuperGirlSaves5 link below, and save $5 on any $25 purchase.  Make sure to share this link with your family & friends, so that they can get the discount as well.  I have added a little video below to show you how Jifiti works, but remember to click on the discount link.  Enjoy, and Happy Shopping!



Please note that some of the links above are my referral links, which means I may get a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you of course. Thank you for your support, and I hope you enjoy this cool app & the savings!


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