Easy Fall Corn Husk Decoration!

For the first time this past summer I grew some sweet corn in my raised garden bed, and really enjoyed picking  a few cobbs and grilling them for my family to enjoy.  As the corn husks dried out, I decided to re-purpose them for a fun fall decoration that was super easy to make and of course, inexpensive!  🙂

First, I wanted to add a little color to the husks, so I laid them out one by one, and sprayed them with Krylon Fusion for Plastic Spray Paint, Satin Burgundy

  Since this paint is made to adhere to plastics and other non-pourous surfaces, I was hoping that it would do well on the corn husk leaves, and so far it has worked like a charm, even in the damp weather.  🙂

I then gathered it together with some floral wire

  And here it is standing up, and ready to get decorated! 


Below is some fall decor supplies that I got at the Dollar Tree.




Here is my final result, the only thing that took me some time was learning how to make the 3- demential bow, (video below) and I mean it took me FOREVER.  LOL  But, in the end I love the final results, and it has been a great way to get into the upcoming holiday season.   This simple project cost me around $12, which is a super savings in my book.       

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