Got Swag? Then Get Paid For It!

Like many of you, I spend more than half of my day online searching for daily deals, signing up for free products, or discovering great D.I.Y. saving ideas.  Today I am sharing with you the only way I know how to get my swag on!  It’s one of my favorite online reward programs that I have personally earned products, gift cards, or some good old-fashioned cash.  My friends, family, and co-workers think it’s funny when I tell them what products or rewards that I received that week, but I also know that they love when I share my goodies with them!  Check out how you can get your swag on, and get paid for it below:   

Swagbucks is a online reward program where you earn “Swagbucks” by clicking on the “earn” tab.  You can answer polls, take surveys, buy one their daily deals, or play games.  They also host Twitter trivia parties, video challenges, or contests.  Swagbucks takes the time to make their rewards program fun, entertaining, and engaging.  This is my favorite place to earn Amazon Gift cards, and help with the cost of my spending habits on Amazon! 🙂




And the best part about Swagbucks is that they keep up with the times!  They now have a mobile app which means you can take your swag with you on the go and score even more savings.  Cha-Ching!    



AND, for all of you Chrome users, you can add the Swagbutton to your bookmark bar, and again rack up some savings as your surfing the net.  



So, here’s to getting your swag on!



Also, just to let ya know that if you click on the above links and decide to give Swagbucks a try, I may get a small commission fee!  Thank you for your continued support of my website.