Light It Up For The Holidays

If you’re a decorating, seasonal, holiday diva like me, then every year you look forward to creating a be-dazzled scenery for all the world to enjoy.

But, let’s face it, all that magic can get really expensive, so I like to light it up with these seasonal, budget friendly lighting tips below:

1. Fairy Lights


If you haven’t discovered the magic of fairy lights, you’re really missing out.

I have one plugged in year round, like the picture above, and below is the light strand that I bought on Amazon for $10.

Super Saving Tip:  You can get micro LED battery operated light sets and add them to a mason jar, wine bottle, or any vintage glassware.

It’s a great way to decorate and personalize any themed celebration.


2. Lighted Canvas Prints


I purchased this LED musical snowman at my local craft store, and it brought some elegance to my Christmas theme, in fact I love it so much, I left it up all through the entire winter season.

I also like how you don’t need to plug it in, and this allows you to literally place it anywhere in your home.

You can find some great pictures and prices on Amazon, e-Bay, or Led Holiday Canvas Wall Art –



3. Holiday Light Projectors


Star Shower Slide Show


I’m 49 years old, and I’m over hanging outdoor Christmas lights!  I don’t like putting them up or taking them down, so the newer holiday projector lights have become my best friend, and here’s why:

● With the switch of a button, you can change your holiday season.  Halloween, Christmas, or other celebrations.
● You just stick it in the ground and point it where you want it to shine.
● It has an on and off timer, so you don’t have to worry about turning it off.
● It’s cheaper in the long run, and I don’t have to replace light bulbs.

Of course, you can also make it really, really, easy and get some really fun inflatable lawn ornament, such as this Christmas Doxie.

These are just a few inexpensive ways that I use to add some fun seasonal decor, and I would love to know what all of you do.

So, leave a comment or link below so that I can all of your bright ideas.

Super Thanksgiving Home Decor Ideas

Thanksgiving Day is on its way, and I know that some of you are decorating divas out there who are always looking to add a fun, new, festive piece to your autumn holiday decor.  (I’m guilty too)!!  
So, here are some super items that I have found online,  from a scarecrow light, Pilgrim salt & pepper shakers, and DIY ideas that will add some fall time flavor to this favorite family time season.  
Many of these items are going fast, because the prices are just down right cheap!  So gobble yours up now, while their still available!  🙂   


Jeweled Table Top Turkeys




This bedazzled turkey couple is full of bling, fall colors, and perfect for highlighting a corner area in your home or mantle.  



Turkey Dachshund Outdoor Decor





I’m a doxie lover, and I am always looking for little ways to add a little hot dog decor to my seasonal decor.  


Gilded Harvest Centerpiece




How pretty would this gilded Harvest centerpiece be right in the middle of your Thanksgiving table?  


I love the flameless candle, and it would pretty much match any color combination you have.  






Pumpkin Topiary




I had to add this stunning DIY Lighted Pumpkin Topiary to my list from  I love the ambience that this beautiful craft makes, and you could go with a gold, silver, or bronze color palette.  Love, love, love!  



Northlight 18″ Orange Gourds and Maple Leaves Cornucopia



I don’t know about you, but I have a feeling that all Thanksgiving decor is going to go quickly this year.  Including this beautiful Cornucopia centerpiece above.  LOVE this one.  



Pilgrims Salt and Pepper Shaker Set




I love seeing whimsical, seasonal, salt & pepper shaker sets, not only because their festive, but people will actually use them.  

This Pilgrim shaker pair would make a perfect hostess gift as well.  



I hope that you have enjoyed some of my Thanksgiving Home Decor Ideas, and just so you know that some of the links above are my referral links, and if you decide to buy I may get a small commission fee, at no cost to you of course.  I am very thankful for your support.  🙂