Digital Piggy Money Bank

Yesterday, I was looking for my checkbook in my purse, and after I pulled out about 15 different things, at the bottom of my purse was a layer of change.  (No wonder my purse was so heavy)!  

So, when I saw this  Digital Coin-Counter at it made me chuckle a little bit, because it was a clear sign that I needed to get those coins out of my purse and deposit them in

this jar!  

And I know this may sound like I have no will power at all, but I may be able to stop myself from borrowing from the jar, if I can actually see how much savings I have actually accumulated!  🙂

This little guy also comes in pink for the ladies out there, just saying!

The Diggy Piggy in Pink

The Digi Piggy Pink

This would also make a fantastic Graduation/Birthday gift and I would fill it up half way to get those savings goals started!



Just so ya know that some of the above links are my affiliate links and I may get a small commission if you decide to buy, at no cost to you of course.  Thank you for your support and I hope you rack up those savings with this piggy!   

TAO Digital Photo Table Lamp

Why not turn on the light, and see a beautiful display of over 1500 of your most cherished digital photos?  That’s today’s deal at!    Check out this TAO Digital Photo Table Lamp, that’s not only modern & stylish, but it also has a cool touch screen display to control your photos, clock, and calender.  This would be a great gift if your looking for something unique to give to your mom on Mother’s Day.  I won’t tell you the price, because it’s seriously priceplunged!  

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TAO Digital Photo Table Lamp



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