Don’t Miss Another Payment On Your Bills!

I use and promote Manilla because it works in helping me to manage and pay my bills on time!   I hate to say it,  but every once in a while I have been distracted in my busy life, and I have missed a payment to one of my creditors.  To avoid  this from happening again, and the huge fees that go along with it, I decided to sign up for a free online bill management service called, Manilla.   It  took only a few seconds to sign up,  and a user friendly tutorial helped me add my payers in no time at all.  Also, because Manilla was already affiliated will most of my payers,  it made it a breeze to add my secure information.   (You must know all of your username, password, and security questions to link your accounts to Manilla, if you don’t, you will not be successful, it’s a precaution to keep your information secure)!   

Once I had all of my creditors entered, I liked that I could see all of my accounts information in one location, this included statements, current balances, and when payments were due.  I also had the option to have a reminder e-mail or text sent to me in advance when a payment was due.  Lord knows I need those reminders!   You can also set up custom payers, such as a babysitter, gym membership, or subscription.       

 I have now been using Manilla for about nine months, and I am happy to report that I have not missed a payment in this amount of time. If you too are constantly on the go, and need a little help with the time in keeping your bills in order and paid on time, then I highly recommend that you give Manilla a try!  Click on the picture below to sign up for yourself.  

manilla bill pay

Avoid late fees. Try Manilla. Manage bills, credit cards & more from one secure place online. It’s Free.

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