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Arm & Hammer Sensitive Toothpaste

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I love being a member of the Smiley 360 community.  Why?  Because,  I get to receive products from companies that want my honest opinion on whether I like them or not!  What’s not to love about that?  It’s free, and it’s an opportunity to try new products that have or will be coming out into the market.  So, about a month ago,  I applied to review a toothpaste made by the makers of Arm & Hammer toothpaste & Orajel for sensitive teeth and gums.  I really wanted to try this toothpaste, because every once in awhile my teeth become sensitive, especially if I have had something really cold, sweet, or acidic, such as pineapples.  

 In fact, a few weeks ago I was getting my regular teeth cleaning, and I asked my dentist if my teeth sensitivity was due to gum disease.  He re-assured me that my oral health was in good condition, but there are factors that can cause tooth sensitivities such as brushing your teeth too hard and eating and drinking lots of acidic foods and drinks.  I am guilty as charged for consuming large amounts of coffee, which I know is very acidic, and I do tend to brush my teeth harder than I should.  I left the dentist’s office with a new  “soft” toothbrush, and hoping that the ARM & HAMMER™ Sensitive Toothpaste would give me some quick relief when I am having teeth & gum sensitivity pain.     

Did it work for me?

This toothpaste not only works, it works fast!  The pain relief from the Orajel works quickly, and after about three to four days I noticed a big difference in the sensitivity of my teeth and gums.  I also liked how the slightly grainy toothpaste formula deep cleaned my teeth and made them white & bright!   Here’s the best part though, this toothpaste is about half the cost of  the higher priced toothpastes that offer the same benefits which equals Super Savings!!!!   If you are experiencing teeth & gum sensitivity you might want to give ARM & HAMMER™ Sensitive Toothpaste a try.  If it doesn’t give you the relief you need, then please go to your dentist to make sure that their isn’t any underline gum disease problems that could be contributing to your dental pain.   

Below is a list of the key benefits of Arm & Hammer Sensitive toothpaste that I found on their website:

              • Relief from Painful Tooth & Nerve Sensitivity       

  • • Low Abrasion Formula    
  • • Effective Stain Removal    
  • • Deep Cleaning                                   
  • • Breath Freshening      
  • • Fluoride Cavity Protection

Also, this toothpaste comes in several different formulas to meet your needs.

 ARM & HAMMER™ Sensitive Whitening

ARM & HAMMER™ Sensitive Freshening

ARM & HAMMER™ Sensitive Multi-Protection

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