As much as I love to become a kid again and dress up for Halloween, sometimes it’s just not convenient or comfortable to wear a costume, but there are other ways to participate in a low-key way by wearing some spooktacular Halloween jewelry or accessories.  So, here are some pieces that I found to be quite festive, fun, and a little bit scary……  🙂  Also, a little heads up!  These jewelry pieces are going fast, so don’t wait if one of these pieces catches your eye and I’ve included some savings links!  🙂


BERRICLE Multi-Colored CZ 925 Silver Owl Fashion Ring

Owl Ring

Big, black, owl eyes and a spooky night go hand & hand as far as I’m concerned.  I love the details & colors in this big, bold, beautiful owl ring.  (  


Shamballa Bracelet Clear Crystal Disco Ball Halloween Skull

Shamballa Bracelet Halloween Skull Black Rhinestone Crystal Bracelet

This super cute skull bracelet would go perfectly with the Skull Cardigan that I picked out in another post called, Halloween Fashion Styles.   This particular bracelet is available at one of my favorite online jewelry stores called Pugster.  Their prices are always low, and they are constantly running promotions that will allow you to buy more than one piece.  Love that!  (




DaisyJewel Gothic Red Heart Pewter Cross Necklace & Matching Vampire Fang Blood Drop Earrings


DaisyJewel Gothic Red Heart Pewter Cross Necklace And Drop Earrings



I love the ghoolish details in this necklace & earring set!  The blood-red jewels against the pewter makes this jewelry set pop!  (


DaisyJewel Pink Crystal Skull Earrings


DaisyJewel Pink Crystal Skull Earrings Top Seller Sparkle Sugar Skull Calavera Studs Sugar Skull Jewelry Jewelry


The bling in these skull earrings makes them stand out, and not too scary!  I love the bows on top of their heads and they come in different colors!  (  This is my teen daughter’s favorite pick.   


Zarah’s Dark Fantasy Style Statement Necklace


Zarah s Dark Fantasy Style Statement Necklace Chain Necklaces Jewelry


This fantasy style necklace is simply unique, and you just can’t help checking out all the details  & bling.  It’s a piece that I think can be worn more than once, which is a plus.  It’s available at a and here are some current savings links to enjoy while you browse around at this awesome online jewelry place.


Dar’s Black Snake Ring


Dars Black Snake Ring


I know that it’s hard to see, but this sneaky, slithery, snake ring also had two tiny emerald eyes that are always watching.  This beauty is also available at









Just so you know, that some of the links above are my referral links, which means I may get a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you of course.  Thank you for your support and I hope that you find that spooktacular Halloween jewelry bling that fits just right and adds some sparkle into the night!