I love sharing D.I.Y. tips that not only help you save money, but hopefully encourage you to try these ideas for yourself.  

We also realize that everyone is different, and while someone might want to learn how to grow their own garden, someone else might want to learn the steps in painting an old piece of furniture and giving it new life.

One of thways that I like to learn these different skills is to take a local craft,  gardening, cooking, or home improvement class,  but sometimes I can be short on time and getting to these classes is just not possible.  

So, I am really excited to try a new opportunity, and take an online video class at Craftsy!  

It will give me the ability to click the “pause” button any time I need to take a break, and I can email any questions that I may have to the instructor,  who will give me an answer within a day or two.  

I signed up for a 14 lesson class called,  “Garden Fresh” and the instructor is Doug Jimerson,  who is a horticulture writer for Better Homes and Garden, and many other publications!  

This gardening class is perfect timing for me, because I am in the middle of getting my garden ready for this season, and I look forward to learning some gardening tips and tricks from a veteran gardener!  

If you are short on time, but would love to learn a new skill such as cake decorating, sewing, or quilting, then click on one of the pictures below, and see what other online classes Craftsy has to offer!  

Don’t forget to create an account, so you can be informed when a new class is being offered, or  when a current Crafty class goes on sale!  











Just so ya know….that I am proud to be an affiliate with the Craftsy community, and the links above are my affiliate links.  This means that I may get a small commission at no cost to you of course, and I really appreciate your continued support.  As always….I encourage everyone to learn how to do something new and enjoy those savings.  Enjoy.  🙂  

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