Just a little update to a previous post that I did last week called, “Me?  Repair A Laptop Keyboard?”  Well, I am super excited to report that I have successfully replaced my Dell laptop keyboard with the missing letter “H”!  (See picture left)    

 Seriously, I would have never thought about replacing the entire keyboard, until my friend mentioned it to me.  In fact,  I have never attempted to repair a laptop anything before, and when my keyboard replacement arrived from Amazon,  I immediately went to You Tube and found a video called,  “Dell Inspiron 1525/1526-Keyboard Replacement-How-to-Tutorial”  from dellpartspeople!    (How convenient was that)!    And in less then 10 minutes I was done!   I sure wish that you could see how fast I’m hitting that letter, “H” now!   In the end, this cost me approximately $15.00 to fix, and that’s what I call a super way to save!  





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