So, what do you do if you break a letter on your laptop?  Well, you could just keep using it until it really starts to irritate you, or you could have a friend tell you that can MissHactually replace the keyboard section.  (And then, that friend would take the time to send you the link to the actual product)  Now how cool is that, because I would really like to stop hitting the metal part where the letter “H” should be on my laptop keyboard.  So, today I ordered the replacement keyboard for my Dell Inspiron, and I also decided to get a cute, little, mint green, first aid computer repair tool kit!   Since I am a Amazon Prime member, my purchases will be here in two days time.  I am going to find a video on how to install the keyboard, and hopefully by this weekend I will stop straining my pointer finger every time I hit the letter “H”!   What a super way to save!   



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