I am constantly trying to come up with ways to utilize the space in my urban backyard garden.  I have four raised garden beds, tons of containers, and now a 6 ft. herb planter shelf that my hubby and I made ourselves.  This DIY herb planter is simple to make, but extremely useful and already my herbs are growing like crazy!  So, here’s how we did it!   


DIY Herb Planter Shelf



Wood & Planters

I bought two 12Ft. wood boards and had them cut to (2) 6ft. and (2) 3.5 ft. pieces.  I also bought 5 plastic planters at the Dollar Tree.    


Planter Spaces



 I spaced the planters 4 inches apart. 


Circle Cutting


 My hubby cut those circles out!

Herb Brackets

We attached the wood pieces together with a bracket on each side.

Herb Bracing 550

Braced it even more and added some feet to the bottom to keep it sturdy.

Stained Shelf

Now the fun begins for me!  I stained this shelf with MiniWax PolyShade in Antique Walnut.

Herb Planter Decor

I found some really cool stencil patterns at HobbyLobby which added a little character to my outdoor decor.  🙂  Chirp, Chirp!

Clear Enamel

Sprayed a couple of coats of crystal clear enamel to protect the wood finish, and here is the herb planter in the bright, beautiful, sunshine below!

Total Cost of Herb Planter


                                Wood Boards:     $23      2 (12 ft. x 2 in. x 10 in.)  (Lowes)

Brackets & Braces $8  (Lowes)

     Stain, Spray, and Acrylic paints $16  (Wal-Mart)

Stencil patterns $4  (Hobby Lobby)

Planters $5  (The Dollar Tree)

I love working on DIY projects with my guy, and this herb planter will help us save quite a bit on the high cost of fresh & preserved herbs!  I chose to plant oregano, dill, cilantro, basil, and rosemary, which will later go into some of my canned recipes.  🙂    I also have some planters with stevia, chives, and mint which my family can’t get enough of.  I hope that I have inspired you to learn how to grow your own food, and I look forward to sharing some fresh gardening  & canning recipes with you later this summer.  Until then, Happy Gardening super savers!     

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