Dance Central 3 is the perfect gift for that teen in your life.  In fact, when I was a kid, my sister and I used to make up dances and compete with each other over who had the coolest dance moves!  As we became teenagers, we would practice for hours, making up different dance routines and perfecting our individual dance skills.  The best part of all that hard work, was hanging out with our friends and dancing (battle) against some of the most talented dancers/groups in our surrounding area.   I sure do miss those days……

25 years later, I still love to crank up my stereo and get my groove on, and it sure makes cleaning the house a little more enjoyable.  So, it didn’t surprise me when my sister called me up one day and mentioned that I should get a Xbox 360 Kinect console, and a video game called Dance Central.  She explained to me that we would be following along with the dancers in the video game,  and whoever did the dance moves correctly would score points.   Of course, my kids were on board with their Aunt, and we ended up purchasing a Xbox 360 Limited Edition Kinect Star Wars Bundle.   As a side-note, we didn’t set out to buy the Star Wars edition, but we were made an offer that we couldn’t pass up, and it came with a gold C-3PO controller.  (this was the selling point for my hubby, and I must admit that I liked the R2D2 sounds that the console made).   We also purchased a Dance Central 2 video game,  and after going home and setting up our new system I was ready to dance against my teenage daughter.  Bring it on!

All I can say,  is that when that first song was over,  I was in desperate need of water, and lots of air because I was huffing, puffing,  and barely breathing.    But I didn’t care, because my daughter and I were laughing and spending quality time together.  These are the moments that I cherish as a parent.   So to keep the fun going,  I am looking forward to the new release of  Dance Central 3, which comes out on October 16th of this year.   I might even put Michael Jackson The Experience on my Christmas wish list, then I could really get my 8O’s groove on!


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