Amazon Prime Day Saving Tips!


Yeppers, I will be participating in Amazon Prime Days, and I am so excited to save on some items that I’ve had my eye on for awhile.

This year it’s on July 12 & 13th, and I have learned some simple savings tips, and here’s 5 below!

 You have to be a Prime Member! 

That’s right, you have to be a Amazon Prime member to take advantage of these super saving deals.

Here’s a link below to sign up for a FREE 30 day trial, and you can cancel at any time.

Also, if you have a student, then take advantage of this deal!  6 months FREE, then it’s half price.  Cha-Ching if you have a college student.

Amazon Prime Student 6-Month Trial

Amazon App

Make sure to set up notifications on any deals you are interested in on Prime Day.  Here’s a little video on how to do this here: Amazon Notifications

Make a Prime Day List

Make a list of what you’re looking for, for instance here’s mine:  Prime Day Super Saves!

Super Savings Tip:  I like to make sure that I’m getting a good deal.  So, I use a price comparison search extension like :

Lightning Deals

When it comes to Lighting Deals, setting notifications on items ahead of time, comes in handy.  You will be notified when your selective deals have gone live.

Prime Credit Card

If you happen to get a Prime credit card, there is special card only deals for using your Prime charge card.


There’s so many ways to save, and I hope you go to the Prime Day Hub, and see all the extra offerings that are available now!

KISS Gift Guides For Everyone On Your List

I love to find the perfect gift for everyone on my list.


I use the KISS method: KEEP IT SIMPLE SILLY, by shopping though suggested gift guides.


My faves are below, and remember to look for coupons, cash back, and free shipping offers at places like:






Top Cash Back




Be Frugal





Ya’ll know I love me some Amazon, and here’s some super gift guides that they have already curated!

Beauty Gift Guides


Fashion Gift Guides


Electronic Gift Guides


And…don’t forget to visit my Christmas Crazed Fanatics Unite page!





Walmart has done a super job on helping all of us find the perfect gift.


The two pages I would start at are:


Gift Guide List


Gift Finder For All Occasions


The gift finder list allows you to break down age groups, unique gifts, pets, and so forth.


It’s a place that should be book marked for all occasions.






eBay’s Seasonal Sales Events Page


I personally buy from eBay all the time.


It’s a great way to gage prices, and yes they compete well with Amazon and Walmart.


Don’t be afraid to by refurbished electronics either!  eBay’s money back guarantee is awesome, and I have made


friends with many of the ebay sellers.  (They are real people by the way)  🙂


Just pay attention to their reviews, and ask questions.


I have bought Mac products, kitchen appliances, pools, and hard to find vintage items.




The Dollar Tree



The Dollar Tree is a fantastic place to find DIY crafty ideas for cheap!


Times are tough for many this year, and we all could use a little help with our Christmas budgets!


I encourage you to go the main page and click on the different tabs to get inspired!


They have gift basket ideas, DIY crafty gifts, and wonderful care packages for the loved ones who life far away.


Also, if you don’t want to go into the store, (which I admit can get a little crowded), you can have your items shipped


to your home!




The above stores are just some of my favorite places to find gift lists.


Many of us just don’t have extra time to spend looking, and the simplicity and ease of buying online works for many.


I hope that all of you have a wonderful, safe, holiday season, and I am blessed to have you stop by.

Now Ho! Ho! Ho and a shopping we will go!

10 Gifts For Truck Drivers

I have been married to a truck driver for over 26 years.


Here are 10 gift ideas if you have a trucker to buy for this holiday season.


Create a Gift Basket At The Dollar Tree


Truck Driver Gift Basket


Every week I stop by The Dollar Tree with my guy, and he always finds a little something for cheap to take with him on the road.


This Dashing Dude Basket is a great example of how you could pull together a Trucking All The Way basket.  10-4


If you don’t have a Tree near you, you can buy online, and it would still be a budget friendly gift.


Personalized Trucker Travel Mug



You can add a name or his handle, to this laser engraved 16 oz travel mug.

My guy’s CB handle, is “Livewire”, and trust me this name suits him.  🙂


Tidify Car Front Seat Organizer





Here’s one thing I know about my truck driving man.

His cab is his office, apartment, and entertainment place while he’s on the road.

He has to have a way to safely store his tablet, laptop, phone and other necessities while on the go.

This Tidify car seat is secure, full of pockets, and can easily change over to a back pack and go over your shoulder.

Rexing V1 Wi-Fi Car Dash Cam



Times have changed on the road, and that’s where a Dash Cam can come to the rescue.

It records parking & moving accidents, angry people, and even your scenic driving scene.

This Rexing Wi-Fi cam also has a mobile app.  Super duper gift!


ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion



My hubby is in his early 50’s, and if your a hauler you need to start using a quality seat cushion as soon as you can.

It helps with the bouncing that you WILL put on your lower back while driving those long miles.

Heck, I own this bad boy cushion too.

My physical therapist actually suggested this particular one, and it has been a blessing.


ThisWorx Car Vacuum



My hubby likes to keep his truck clean and neat.  The ThisWorx Car Vacuum comes in a nice portable pouch, with all cleaning accessories inside.

The reviews are really good on this one, whether your a driver or not.


Cutequeen Laptop/Eating Wheel Desk



This Laptop/Easting Wheel Desk just makes plain sense.  🙂


RESTECK- Massager




Your probably going to steal this super gift back.

I personally own several different roller massagers, and I couldn’t move without them.

Again, I like the portable pouch, and wall and car adapter easily packed inside so you can go.   


Drive Safe Key Chain


If your with a Truck Driver, these are the words that you will always say when they leave.

“Drive Safe”, because you want to them to come back home to you.

This is probably my favorite gift idea because he will always see it on his key chain and remember that I love and appreciate him.

Happy Trucking!

Super “It’s Fall Y’all” Decor And More


I don’t know about you, but I am so happy that the fall season is almost here.


It’s been hot as hades here in East Tennessee, and it’s time for some, as they say here in the south, “Fall Y’all”!


So here’s some super fall time decor ideas below:


Change Your Pillows Seasonally


 I love this retro pillow design above, but check out these

Set of 4 Fall Pillow Covers below:



What a super way to save for the holiday seasons!

I’ve seen these decorator pillows go for a mint, and it just makes savings cents to buy a plain starter set and change the holiday designs out seasonally.



Harvest Time Decor


My favorite part of Fall decorating is seeing what my neighbors come up with each year.

Scarecrows, hay bales, and corn stalks are usually the way most of us start building our Harvest decor themes.


Super Saving Tip:  Home Depot & Lowes will have a huge semi truck out front, full of hay bales for around $4 – $8 bucks.


For instance, I sprayed a corn stalk with some burgundy paint, added a scare crow and ribbons from the Dollar Tree a few years ago.  Cheap and cute….



Gosh that picture was a long, long, time ago.  Below is a wreath from the Value Seekers Blog on The Dollar Tree!


Places like Wal-Mart, and your local home improvement stores have really stepped it up when it comes to decorating for the fall season.




Fake pumpkins, gourds, and don’t even get me started on the the velvet decor that’s hot this year.


Velvet Me Please


Ok….I like a little bling, but add in some velvet & lights and it’s mine!  I love the velvet pumpkins this year!



At Walmart, you can get this beautiful lighted garland for around $44.  

Trust me….this is a deal, because these velvety pumpkins can run you $40, without all the extras!

Fall, Thanksgiving, Harvest Set Of Four Velvet Plush Slouchy Pumpkins



These beauties are available at Amazon, with Prime shipping, but there almost gone, so other people must love velvet too!  🙂




Finally…if your not into decorating, and would rather just add a lighted wreath, well I’m into that too!  LOL





Just add these three things together above, and you have a designer wreath with timed lights for around $62.  Bam…your done.  🙂


I hope that some of these ideas inspire you to enjoy all that the Fall season has to offer.

Carving pumpkins, candle making, making cider, and spending time with your family & friends around a fire is really what the fall season is all about.



I’m 50, And My Gift List Sure Has Changed


(Note: The links in this post are affiliate links, and I will be compensated when you make a purchase by clicking through my links. Read my disclosure policy here .)


OMGosh, since turning 50 this past year, I’ve realized that my holiday gift list has really changed from the past years.  My kids, parents, and siblings are all getting older, and here’s what my gift list looks like today.


For My Family & Friends


My #1 gift for my family & friends, drum roll please!  Gift Cards!

That’s right, other than a few gag gifts, candles, and fragrance sets, I don’t have a clue what everyone wants, and a gift card takes a lot of pressure off of me to try and figure out what everyone wants.  (Trust me, they like gift cards).  🙂


Now Lets Move On To Me!


My mom head out in the wee hours of the morning, and we’ve come to the conclusion that on Black Friday we tend to really buy for ourselves.  It’s almost as if we buy the things we’ve been wanting all year, at drop bottom prices, and get what we really want under the tree.

So, here’s what I’m searching for this season:


Fire HD 10 Tablet


Fire HD 10 Tablet


I knew that when my mom and I bought this Amazon Fire HD tablet for my hubby last year, that I was going to be jealous!  It’s just the right size, it’s fast, and the HD graphics are crystal clear.  He absolutely loves it, because he watch movies, reads his western books, and talk to Alexa, which is irritating to me.  🙂

Right now for Black Friday, they are running drop bottom prices on all of their tablets, including the New HD 10 Kids Edition, so if your in the market for one, now is the time to buy!



New Balance Athletic Shoes


I’m 50 peeps, and I need some relief for my feet.  Every year my mom and I both take advantage of the Black Friday sales on athletic shoes, and this year I’m going online to Joes New Balance Outlet.  Since I already know what size and width I need, I am going to take advantage of the deep discounts they are offering.  Here’s my last pair, and if you decide to




Joes New Balance Outlet


Bon Voyage!  Luggage


I recently went on my first Carnival cruise, and it was a sad sight watching my hubby huff and puff from carrying our old suit case up that plank. LOL

So, this American Tourister 3pc luggage set, is defiantly on my list, for $55 on Amazon.


American Tourister 3pc Set


Super Saving Travel Tip:  I booked my cruise through Ebates , and received 10% back on my trip.  I figure if I’m going to shop online, I might as well rack in the money.  If you follow my link below, you will receive $10 just for joining this FREE cash back service!



Apple Watch Series 3


Apple Watch Series 3


I already own one, but it’s a surprise for some a family member….shhhh.  I have had my Apple watch for several years, and it’s been awesome to see my steps, text messages, and weather alerts.  This guy is on Amazon for $299


Isn’t this a super list? 🙂 Although, I am seriously thinking about booking another cruise. The earlier I book the better the savings. Thank you for stopping by, and I want to wish all of you a very Merry Holiday season. Cheers.



These Super Cleaning Products Are Worth Every Penny To Me!

Yeppers, I have out done myself over the past two years and had two surgeries, steroid injections, and plenty of physical therapy.  In the mix of all that, I like to have a clean home, and the following super cleaning products have helped me along the way.




• This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission fee if you decide to buy.  Thank you for your continued support.  



Dyson V6 Slim Cordless Vacuum –



First up is the Dyson cordless Vacuum.  I love that I don’t have to unwrap a long, heavy, chord, which I hate to do, and it weighs about five pounds.  It has attachments that allow me to go from bare floor to carpet, and becomes a handheld when I need to clean out my car.  I wasn’t quite sure if it would have the suction power of a traditional vacuum, but this little guy has some vroom.  It”s perfect for everyday day hubby, kids, and puppies the messes that they leave behind.





SteamFast SF-295 3-in-1 Steam Mop



I knew that I needed to do some deep cleaning in my home, and we have white doors that love to collect hand prints and dust.  So, my mom gave me her SteamFast 3 in 1 mop to try, and holy moly I became a steam cleaning machine.  LOL  It’s funny how much gunk is just sticking around on your cabinets and doors without you really knowing it.  I love how quick it is and the extension keeps you from bending down all the time.


Mopnado Stainless Steel Deluxe Rolling Spin Mop



I didn’t even know that their was such a thing as a spinning mop until my mom bought me one!  LOL  See she’s the cleaning queen of the family, and once I figured out out this product worked, I could see why she loved it so much.

If you have a weak back or maybe hands and knees full of arthritis, this mopping system makes it a whole lot easier by wringing that water out for you.  The mop head itself sucks up just about anything very quickly, and it makes mopping your floors a whole lot faster and cleaner.


I am turning the big 50 this year, and I have to admit that my body is changing, and I really do appreciate finding ways to keep my home clean.

These cleaning products have really helped me over the past year, and if you have some suggestions, leave a comment below and let me know.

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