Amazon Prime Day Saving Tips!


Yeppers, I will be participating in Amazon Prime Days, and I am so excited to save on some items that I’ve had my eye on for awhile.

This year it’s on July 12 & 13th, and I have learned some simple savings tips, and here’s 5 below!

 You have to be a Prime Member! 

That’s right, you have to be a Amazon Prime member to take advantage of these super saving deals.

Here’s a link below to sign up for a FREE 30 day trial, and you can cancel at any time.

Also, if you have a student, then take advantage of this deal!  6 months FREE, then it’s half price.  Cha-Ching if you have a college student.

Amazon Prime Student 6-Month Trial

Amazon App

Make sure to set up notifications on any deals you are interested in on Prime Day.  Here’s a little video on how to do this here: Amazon Notifications

Make a Prime Day List

Make a list of what you’re looking for, for instance here’s mine:  Prime Day Super Saves!

Super Savings Tip:  I like to make sure that I’m getting a good deal.  So, I use a price comparison search extension like :

Lightning Deals

When it comes to Lighting Deals, setting notifications on items ahead of time, comes in handy.  You will be notified when your selective deals have gone live.

Prime Credit Card

If you happen to get a Prime credit card, there is special card only deals for using your Prime charge card.


There’s so many ways to save, and I hope you go to the Prime Day Hub, and see all the extra offerings that are available now!

KISS Gift Guides For Everyone On Your List

I love to find the perfect gift for everyone on my list.


I use the KISS method: KEEP IT SIMPLE SILLY, by shopping though suggested gift guides.


My faves are below, and remember to look for coupons, cash back, and free shipping offers at places like:






Top Cash Back




Be Frugal





Ya’ll know I love me some Amazon, and here’s some super gift guides that they have already curated!

Beauty Gift Guides


Fashion Gift Guides


Electronic Gift Guides


And…don’t forget to visit my Christmas Crazed Fanatics Unite page!





Walmart has done a super job on helping all of us find the perfect gift.


The two pages I would start at are:


Gift Guide List


Gift Finder For All Occasions


The gift finder list allows you to break down age groups, unique gifts, pets, and so forth.


It’s a place that should be book marked for all occasions.






eBay’s Seasonal Sales Events Page


I personally buy from eBay all the time.


It’s a great way to gage prices, and yes they compete well with Amazon and Walmart.


Don’t be afraid to by refurbished electronics either!  eBay’s money back guarantee is awesome, and I have made


friends with many of the ebay sellers.  (They are real people by the way)  🙂


Just pay attention to their reviews, and ask questions.


I have bought Mac products, kitchen appliances, pools, and hard to find vintage items.




The Dollar Tree



The Dollar Tree is a fantastic place to find DIY crafty ideas for cheap!


Times are tough for many this year, and we all could use a little help with our Christmas budgets!


I encourage you to go the main page and click on the different tabs to get inspired!


They have gift basket ideas, DIY crafty gifts, and wonderful care packages for the loved ones who life far away.


Also, if you don’t want to go into the store, (which I admit can get a little crowded), you can have your items shipped


to your home!




The above stores are just some of my favorite places to find gift lists.


Many of us just don’t have extra time to spend looking, and the simplicity and ease of buying online works for many.


I hope that all of you have a wonderful, safe, holiday season, and I am blessed to have you stop by.

Now Ho! Ho! Ho and a shopping we will go!

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