My Zenni RX Glasses Have Arrived!

My Zenni RX glasses have arrived, and I am so happy with what I picked out!

Great quality, style, and super price!  $53 for three pairs of glasses sent straight to my house!  Cha-Ching!

If your wanting to know how to order a pair for yourself, click on the link below:

How To Order RX Glasses Online At Zenni Optical


Also, here’s a code to try, and remember to use those search filters to get exactly what you want!  I’m all about the $6.95 starting price!

Get Free Shipping on Orders of $20+ with Code FREESHIP20

Why I Love Ugly Christmas Sweaters!


Call me crazy, but I love ugly Christmas sweaters!  

Not only are they festive, but they remind me of all the crazy, colored, outfits that my late grandmother would wear around the holidays.  

For instance, her plaid, red & green, polyester pant suit set was her pride & joy go to outfit for Christmas Eve!  

I suppose when I was really young, I didn’t think anything about it, but as I became older I realized what a, “WOW GRAMS” outfit it really was.  🙂  

So, when I see ugly Christmas sweaters I can’t help but think of all the wonderful times I had with my grandparents growing up, and really that’s what Christmas is all about, being with your family & friends and making memories that will last a lifetime.  

Now comes the fun part, I thought that I would share some of my favorite Ugly Christmas Sweater picks, and hopefully they will give you a laugh, help you remember past Christmases, or maybe you just might want to keep the tradition going by getting one for yourself.  (That’s if your brave)  LOL


  • This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission fee if you decide to buy.  Thank you for your continued support.  


Crackling Fireplace Knit Ugly Christmas Sweater

This lighted up crackling fire place Ugly Christmas Sweater is so cool!  You basically download the FREE app, slide your phone in the see through fireplace, and it comes alive!  

Light it up I say, and at Amazon with various sizes and colors.  


Men’s 8 Bit Santa Ugly Christmas Sweater

Alex Stevens Men s 8 Bit Santa Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ho! Ho! Ho!  This sweater totally reminds me of my grandmother’s plaid Christmas outfit.  It’s so ugly its beautiful.

Ugly Christmas Sweater 3D Printed Funny Graphic Pullover Sweatshirt

Well, I suppose if you’re a cat lover this Ugly Kitty Christmas 3D sweatshirt makes total sense.  I love this cat’s grumpy face and the bells look like hair balls to me.  LOL  





(Bucktooth Rudolph Sweater Dress

Reindeer Christmas Tunic Sweater Dress


This Reindeer is ugly but cute with his pom poms.  I love the length, and you could really glam it up by wearing these sparkle leggings that come in regular and plus sizes.  



Women’s Ugly Christmas Leggings


Maybe you would rather go with some Ugly Christmas leggings?  These come in a variety of sizes and styles, and if you really want to get noticed at your next party, pair it with the shirt below.  LOL  Amazon $5

Faux Real Men’s Ugly Cardigan with Tie

Faux Real Mens Ugly Cardigan with Tie

Finally, here are two ugly, long-sleeved t-shirts for both ladies & men who don’t like to wear sweaters!  Both of them are available at

Ugly Christmas Sweater Cardigan

Cardigans are pretty much flattering on anyone, and the variety on the link above is perfect for all shapes and sizes.

Finally, if your really into crazy Christmas decor and more, check out my

Christmas Crazed Fanatics Unite! page on Amazon!


I hope that you have had some fun looking at my fun, festive, Ugly Sweater picks, and just so ya know that some of the links above are my referral links.  This means that if you decide to have some holiday fun this year and buy one I may get a small commission fee.  Thank you so much for your continued support.    


My Little Black Mascara Club Review

My Little Mascara Club


Hello Super Savers!  I am so excited to share my review of My Little Black Mascara Club with all of you!


Check out my video below, and don’t forget to click on the links after the video to get yours too!



My Little Mascara Club Review Check out my unboxing video of a super little mascara with a positive message behind it. Be sure to click on the following link below: And get a free gift bag with your first order using promo code HAPPYLASHES (case sensitive). Applicable to any order, even the $9 trial kit!! Thanks to My Little Mascara Club for giving me a super product to try with some much needed love. #ad #happylashes #createhappy Posted by SuperGirlSavings on Saturday, April 25, 2020

Must See Modcloth Gift Guide!


**This post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.


Updated 03/27/2022, with current links!  Enjoy!


‘Tis the season for gifting!  And ModCloth wants to help you find the perfect presents for everyone on your list with their Holiday Gift Guide going on now!

You can shop using their handy categories, or check out presents inspired by trendsetting bloggers, including:  A Beautiful Mess, Oh Joy!, Girl with Curves.

Their gifts are unique, and there are endless ideas for those uhmm…..”difficult to please” people on your list.  Here is just a sampling of my fave holiday picks below:


Trendy, Quirky Leggings



Yeppers, I’m that girl that loves velvet.  These leggings are perfect for holiday wear!  Comes in all sizes, including plus!

Cute Couture Earrings

If you’re looking to get a little quirky gift, these, “Quote” earrings will do the trick.  Super cute and unique.

Handbags, Clutches, And Bags




By cracky, we have a ton of purse lovers out there.  This retro clutch purse is vintage inspired all the way.  Ho! Ho! Ho! , now go and shop!



Modcloth really is the perfect place to find something to wow your favorite gal (or guy)!

Plus there is always something fun on sale, be sure to check back often at their Outlet Store, which really has rock bottom prices!


Holiday Outlet Sale! New items from 65% to 90% off original prices!

Super Halloween Hats, Shirts, And Skirts


I may be in my 50’s but I still get a kick out of dressing up for Halloween.


Here’s some simple, budget friendly, work wear costume ideas that anyone can wear below.



Spider Head Band



Plus Size Long Sleeve Spider Web Printed Poncho Top



I wanted to share something a little different, and in plus sizes.


This spider poncho top goes so well with the spider headband above.  LOVE this top. 


6 Pack Of Assorted Halloween Head Bands



This is great for all those slackers who show up to work with out a costume on Halloween!
You can hand them out like candy!  LOL

Pumpkin Beanie Hat




Keeping it simple with this pumpkin beanie hat!  A costume in a flash with this one!



Halloween Steampunk Spider Witch Mini Top Hat



Peasant Blouse Vintage Boho Pirate Shirt




Steampunk Skirt 






A little steampunk fun, and heck, I would wear that peasant shirt outside of the Halloween season.




Star Wars Porg Pumpkin Patch Halloween Graphic T-Shirt




BORG Bigface Pom Beanie Hat



I just had to put some Star Wars love in this list of tees!

How cute would this shirt be with this beanie hat above!  Insta costume, it’s what I’m all about!


Men’s Western Cowboy Costume T-Shirts




Beistle Cowboy Hat Headband



This one goes out to my hubby, who thinks he’s a cowboy.  NOT!

Halloween Off The Shoulder Sweatshirt



Going retro with this sweatshirt, and of course you need to add some leggings like the ones below.  Large sizes on these!!

Halloween Spider Web Pattern Fashion Legging




Ok….I’m done being scary with all the sharing!

I hope that you see some costume ideas for yourself or another.


More importantly, have a safe Halloween with your family and friends.

How To Order A Prom Dress Online


If your kid is going to prom, it’s exciting but really expensive.

When my daughter went, we had a hard time finding a dress in our local stores, simply because they either didn’t fit or were way out of our budget.  So, we decided to order her dress, shoes, and accessories on Amazon, and she looked fabulous.

If you’re shopping for a prom dress, and having sticker shock, here’s how to buy that dress online.


Just so you know, that there are affiliate links in this post.  So, if you click and buy, I might get a commission fee.  Thanks for your support.   


Read Reviews


PLEASE read the online reviews from people that have already purchased the dress that you are interested in!  Hopefully, some of these ladies have taken the time to post a picture of them wearing the dress.   It doesn’t hurt to ask that person questions either.


Measure, Measure, and Measure Again


Get the measuring tape out, and write those body parts down.  It’s even better if you can get someone else to help you do this, because you have to know your exact measurements, and compare them to the sizing chart that goes along with the dress.

If your measurements are not lining up with the sizing chart, (which is the case for most of us ladies out there), then you must customize your dress.  Each dress company goes into detail on how to do this, so pay close attention.  My daughter and I had to do this for her dress, and it turned out perfect, except my mom had to shorten the length a little bit, which leads me to my last tip.




Have a Back Up Seamstress


Just in case your dress needs a little more customization, make sure you know a seamstress or tailor.  You will still same some money by going this route, and it doesn’t hurt to know one for future events.  Weddings, hint, hint.

Give Yourself Plenty Of Time


Buy your dress way in advance if you can, trust me this is a must, and here’s and example why I say this.

I bought the sleeveless bridesmaid dress below for my daughter on Amazon, and unfortunately I ordered the wrong color.  I emailed the company to see if there was time to change it, and I was thrilled when I got an email back saying, “No worries Brandi, we will change the color”.  What a relief that was, and I was glad that I had ordered this dress way ahead of time.



In Closing


If you do decide to buy a dress online, please review your purchase, and post some pics of you wearing it.  All of us ladies come in different shapes and sizes, and since we can’t actually put this dress on ourselves, it’s nice to see it on someone with a similar body type, like these beauties below!


My daughter is on the right….look at that smile and dress.





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