BIC 4 Color Pen

How many of you remember or owned a BIC 4-Color Pen?  I can clearly remember in the early 80’s, how cool it was to have a writing utensil that had all the major colors: black, blue, red, and green in one pen.   Also, you didn’t have to remember to keep track of different pen caps, and the quality and color of the ink made my creative art doodles look totally awesome on my school folders!   (A little 80’s lingo for you all)   So, when the Smiley 360 Online community, send me a couple BIC 4-Color pens to review and share with a friend, I was really excited to get a chance to write with this classic pen once again.   Unfortunately,   I didn’t have this pen for long, because as soon as my 13 year old daughter saw it,  it was no longer mine!  She has been writing colorful notes on everything, and she too thinks that this is the coolest pen ever!   Honestly, it’s really kind of neat to see that a classic pen like this, still brings joy to kids, and it’s not an electronic device.    If you would like to try this pen for yourself or keep up to date with future offers and news from BIC, be sure to ‘Like’ BIC Pen Pals on Facebook!  

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