In my last post, “A Teen And His Greenhouse” I left off with the task of trying to keep these two BIG guys out of Matt’s garden.   I can personally tell you that these giant, fluffy, slobbery, and playful Newfoundland dogs are really loving, but they can also cause some major havoc to any backyard.  So, Matt built an inexpensive fence around his 80 ft. by 35 ft. garden to keep his pups out and any other critters that might get hungry!  

With a little help from his Dad, they bought 2 x 4’s, cut them in half, and then cut those in half lengthwise.  Then they drilled holes into the boards,  drove them in the ground 5 feet apart, and then fed 10 foot pieces of PVC pipe through the holes.   (picture below)  At the two points where Matt wanted to have an entry to bring his tiller in, he drilled an extra hole on each side and used a shorter piece of PVC.  He slides the PVC out of the way to bring the tiller through.

This fence worked for most of the year, until the dogs learned that they could crawl under it.   🙂   So, Matt added an electric fence component, and it has worked like a charm at keeping Ezra & Nehemiah out.   (picture below)  


As you can see, the pups learned quickly that the garden was not a play area, in fact, it’s not even plugged in any more.  🙂 ( Here is a link on How to Install a Wire Fence)

The total cost of this electric fence was around $100, and Matt was able to build the majority of the fence by himself.  Below, are the products that were used in putting this fence together, and if you want more features and pricing details, just scroll over the pictures and click.  Also, if you have a smaller garden, like I do, here is a link to an electronic fence kit.   





Here is a current picture of Matt’s garden and as you can see, it’s full of veggies and fruit. Now it’s time to get busy and can, freeze, and dehydrate all of these summer garden goodies!  Do you hear the sound of savings?  (Cha-ching)!  🙂 



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